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Meet the Rezaks
A Vietnam Veteran learns of his VA benefit and becomes a first-time homebuyer with the help of Trulia and Veterans United.
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Veterans United and Trulia Help First-Time Homebuyers

Robb Rezak's dreams of homeownership seemed out of reach until his wife, Bernadette Rezak, went to to look at homes. This small bit of exploration breathed new life into their fading aspirations.

At 66 years old, Robb used the VA Home Loan benefit available to military Veterans and became a first-time homebuyer with the help of Veterans United Home Loans.

Millions of Veterans and their families have an incomplete home financing picture. Trulia and Veterans United joined forces to remedy this problem.

“We didn’t have very much hope until we hooked up with Veterans United,” Robb said. “They opened the door for us.”

Everyone's financial situation is unique and your personal lending experience may vary. Contact a Veterans United Home Loan Specialist today to find out what you qualify for.

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