4 Reasons Why Your Job In Real Estate Is Awesome

Every employee should love their industry as much as the average real estate agent.

Real estate is the best industry to work within, according to the 2013 Top National Workplaces survey by WorkplaceDynamics. The survey polled 1 million employees to generate rankings of the best workplaces and industries for employment.

At the Veterans United Real Estate blog, we couldn’t agree more! Here’s a look at our four favorite reasons to celebrate a career in real estate.

1. Agents can look at houses all day long.

Real Estate Job

Who wouldn’t love gawking at spa showers, transom windows and front porches all day?

Agents don’t just drive past a “for sale” home and wonder what lurks behind that screen door. With interested clients in tow, agents spend most of their time exploring properties.

If the idea of looking at houses all day long doesn’t excite you, real estate definitely isn’t the field for you.

But for those whose dreams are populated by picket fences, leaded windows, French doors and soaking tubs, working in real estate is an unbelievable thrill. Getting up close and personal with beautiful (and even not-so-beautiful) homes every day is a perk that most real estate agents never tire of.

2. Real estate provides flexibility with hours and location.

Real Estate Job

Agents spend a lot of time at the “mobile office.”

Full-time agents can’t usually vacation at a moment’s notice. Real estate is a time-sensitive field, and most clients like to receive constant updates.

But agents do often have more wiggle room in their schedules than other professionals. Many agents work from home, and those who don’t usually don’t have regular office hours.

With that level of freedom, agents can return calls after dropping the kids off at school. They can handle paperwork during naptime. It’s an extra ounce of liberty that makes it easier for agents to maintain a life outside of the office.

3. Agents are (basically) self-employed.

On that same note, most agents work as independent contractors. Working under that title, agents are basically self-employed. As with any career choice, working as an independent contractor has its pros and cons:


  • You set your own hours.
  • You are (basically) your own boss.
  • Your salary has no cap.


  • You’ll have limited guidance and support as an independent contractor.
  • You’re not assured a regular paycheck.
  • You won’t typically receive any benefits (insurance, paid time off, etc.)

For those “lone rangers” who love the freedom of self-employment, working as a real estate agent can be a perfect career move. But if you’re not self-motivated or driven to succeed, life as an agent is probably not a good fit.

4. Real estate is practically a “helping” profession.

Real Estate Career

Real estate resembles helping professions such as nursing, social work and counseling.

For those who do it well, real estate is truly a “helping” profession. Real estate transactions are often complex. Guiding buyers and sellers on the thorny path to closing day requires several traits that are characteristic of other helping professions:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to inspire trust
  • Power to remain calm during a crisis
  • Ability to give and receive objective feedback
  • Sensitivity and maturity

Real estate agents who possess these skills can build valuable relationships with clients and co-workers. And it’s those relationships turn a real estate career into a truly rewarding one: both emotionally and monetarily.


Photos courtesy of mccready, tuppus and Joe Houghton