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Be the Go-To Military Friendly Agent In Your Community

Whether you work with mostly buyers, sellers or both, becoming the go-to military friendly real estate agent in your community is good business.

The National Association of REALTORS® recently reported that 67 percent of buyers and 70 percent of sellers choose the first real estate agent they interview. It’s more important than ever to create a marketing strategy that puts you at the top of the list.

Here are three ways you can set yourself apart from other agents as the go-to military friendly agent in your community.

Build A Good Team

Enforce your credibility as a VA-savvy agent by building a team to back you up. This isn’t just limited to people in your office. Look further and pair with other service providers who share your same passion and expertise.

Here’s a list of providers you want in your corner:

  • A VA-savvy lender. Consider lenders like Veterans United who specializes in VA loans to ensure your military clients receive knowledgeable, dedicated service. The VA loan has several unique lending standards. Pairing with a VA-savvy lender who closes VA loans all day, you can provide clients with the specialized service they deserve.
  • Home inspectors are a buyer’s best friend, and finding an inspector who’s knowledgeable on the minimum property requirements that come with a VA loan can be a deal-saver. The inspector is able to identify issues and educate you and your buyer on repairs that may be necessary prior to a VA appraisal. A knowledgeable inspector can save your buyer money and heartache on a home that isn't likely to pass the appraisal process without extensive repairs.
  • A reliable contractor. A contractor who receives consistent good reviews can be a key player on your team. Repairs aren't required on every VA deal, but when they are it’s good to have an experienced contractor who can complete repairs in an efficient manner.

Understand Their Unique Needs

When an active duty service member receives permanent change of station orders (PCS) they are allotted 10 days of leave to visit the new community and conduct a home search. With such a short timeframe, they’ll need you to be prepared and ready to educate them on the community, schedule showings and connect them with resources from the moment they arrive.

Active duty service members relocate more frequently than the average homebuyer. Because of their frequent moves, they need a home they can sell quickly and retain its value. Others may choose to keep their property to rent out. If this is the case, they need a home that will rent easily and provide sufficient rental income. It’s important to discuss their plans for the property when looking at homes so that you can better help meet their short term and long term goals.

Every buyer is different; spend time at the outset outlining your buyer’s needs and expectations for their homebuying experience.

Earn Educational Certifications

Educational certifications can work double duty for your business by providing you with important education and a marketing edge. The Did You Serve? Agent Certification is a great option.

Veterans United Home Loans supports the Did You Serve? pledge initiative as a corporate champion. The Did You Serve? Certification provides you with an in-depth look at military service, the unique requirements of the VA loan and how you can best serve those who serve. It’s simple to get started: Take the pledge to ask every buyer “Did You Serve?” Watch for the Did You Serve? Agent Certification, available in Spring 2015.

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