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The Evolution of the Army Spouse Handbook

The Army Spouse Handbook contributer Holly Dailey meets on a Zoom call with Army spouse Ginger Perkins.
The Army Spouse Handbook contributer Holly Dailey meets on a Zoom call with Army spouse Ginger Perkins.

Protocol, customs, and traditions are part of the military culture that I truly cherish. It ties me to our history and makes me want to do my part by passing it on to our children and the generations to come. They truly are our future.

One guide that helps me to accomplish this is The Army Spouse Handbook – a valuable resource for military spouses and their families.

History of The Army Spouse Handbook

I remember when I was asked to be part of a committee to update The Army Wife Handbook to The Army Spouse Handbook. A book originally handwritten back in 1993 by Ann Crossley.

Ann grew up in an Army family herself and later became an Army spouse in the '60s. During those times, it is my understanding that there were strict expectations of protocol and etiquette, but no formal guidance for the spouses to follow. In the absence of resources and from her "lessons learned" and experiences, Ann, being a self-starter, filled a great need longed for by Army spouses by creating The Army Wife Handbook.

Many decades and a handful of books later (including The Air Force Wife Handbook), Ann realized her first book needed updating.

Time for an Update

Destiny came calling when Ginger Perkins and Ann crossed paths virtually (having yet to meet in person). An exuberant dedicated Army spouse of 38 years and mother of two Soldiers, Ginger also acquired a love for protocol and etiquette. She learned firsthand the importance and impact of protocol, history, and traditions, having written a few advisory guides herself as she continued to teach and mentor our Army spouses.

These two kindred spirits decided that with the profound changes in society, it was time to update The Army Wife Handbook.

To produce a current version, the two banded together and formed a 20-spouse committee to tackle updating the book.

I happily agreed to be a part of this amazing committee of army spouses, sharing vast experiences and knowledge to form the updated version of The Army Spouse Handbook.

This was a great opportunity to be a voice for my Army family. After all, I witnessed how the former book had such a profound impact on the lives of the Army spouses I grew up with throughout my 26 years as an Army spouse.

What's In the Handbook

The Army Spouse Handbook is a resource for all modern-day military spouses and is easily broken down by topic for you to tailor it to your needs.

Almost everything you need is in this book, including guidance on:

  • First Impressions
  • The Art of Communication
  • Invitations
  • Social Graces
  • Entertaining
  • Social Functions
  • Military Functions
  • Military Roles
  • Military Living
  • Army Spouses' Historical Chronology

Throughout your military journey, it will be there for you to refer to it over and over again.

The next time you receive an invitation for a formal military event and need to find out what the dress term means, you will be glad to have this book in your library.

Request a Copy of the Army Spouse Handbook

Are you interested in receiving a copy of the Army Spouse Handbook book?

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