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Making a lasting impact
Veterans United Foundation celebrates its fifth anniversary by looking back on four inspiring stories.
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Veterans United Foundation Celebrates Five Years of Giving

Veterans United Foundation came into being in the fall of 2011. Our employees joined together and committed to giving back, knowing we achieve more collectively than we ever could individually.

In its first week, our small foundation raised a huge sum – $1.2 million. Since then, Veterans United employees and their families have embraced this call to make a truly lasting difference.

Year after year, more than 90 percent of employees choose to give at least 1 percent of their paycheck to help those we serve – and one another – during some of life's most trying times.

Together, we've now raised more than $30 million through Veterans United Foundation.

Five years ago, we weren't sure what the future held. We had hope, though. And that's exactly what we’ve given over the last five years – hope. We have enhanced more lives than we ever imagined. And we can't wait to see what another five years brings.

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