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Veterans United launches new nonprofit, Veterans United Foundation

November 1, 2011
Veterans United Home Loans launches new employee sponsored nonprofit, the Veterans United Foundation.

Veterans United Home Loans launched its new Veterans United Foundation, which will centralize the company's charity efforts and expand its focus throughout the community. The 2011-2012 campaign will include donations of $1 million to various non-profit and military organizations that strengthen local communities and honor the sacrifices of those who served. The campaign will be funded primarily by employee and company contributions.

"Enhancing lives is what we do as employees of Veterans United," said Veterans United Foundation Coordinator Megan Sievers. "Our passion for making a difference in our local and Military communities is second to none, and we will continue reaching out as long as there continues to be people in need."

The foundation will also provide individual donations to current service members and veterans in need.

"The foundation will allow us to reach out to an even broader spectrum of those in need, including the military community and those local communities in which we serve," said Sievers.

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