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5 Reasons to Buy a Home This Spring

Spring warmth is back, and so is the green that comes with it. Grass, flowers and trees will soon bloom and shake off the winter's grip.

Pleasant spring weather also brings new energy to the housing market. The spring selling season is a busy time for home sales, as potential buyers emerge from hibernation and more homes go on the market.

Ready to spring into homeownership? Consider these five great reasons to buy a home in the upcoming months.

1. You can avoid interrupting the school year

For most families, school is in session from August to May. While spring means flowers and green grass, it also means that summer vacation is right around the corner. Moving in the middle of the school year can cause undue disruption to your child’s schedule and classes. It can be hard to study for tests and finish projects if you're busy packing. A late spring purchase, on the other hand, puts you in prime position for a post-school year move.

2. You’ll have several nice months to work on outdoor projects

When you buy a home, one of the first things you want to do is customize it, inside and out. If you buy a home this spring, you’ll have several months of agreeable weather for your outdoor home improvement projects.

Whether you want to repaint, spruce up landscaping or replace windows, a spring move can give you a good start on your outdoor to-do list. And, when winter comes around, you won't have to risk

3. You can avoid moving during extreme heat or snowstorms

Moving is physically demanding work, regardless of the time of year. Loading and unloading a stuffy moving truck in August can be even more taxing on your body. Winter moves can be challenging, too. Icy roads or sidewalks can make moving treacherous, if not impossible.

While you definitely can’t control moving day weather, spring may offer more favorable conditions. If you have some flexibility in your time line, plan your move for the more temperate months of the year.

4. You’ll have more inventory to choose from

Many sellers refuse to list their homes during the winter. Winter can put a shabby, worn look on homes, enticing sellers to delay their listings until flowers bloom and grass reappears. School schedules also contribute to a rush of spring listings, as many sellers can’t move until the end of the school year.

More available inventory means you get a better shot at finding your dream home. If you can’t find it in the spring, it may not be out there.

5. You can take advantage of favorable market conditions

If market conditions continue, this spring will be a great time, economically speaking, to purchase a home. Interest rates are low and homes are cheap, meaning that your housing dollar goes much further these days.

How to get started

If you’d like to buy a home this spring, consider one of two options: talking to a real estate agent about available homes, or consulting with a VA lender about financing. A good agent can help you start your house hunt, while an experienced lender can determine your eligibility for the VA loan program.

Until then, open the windows, let the dogs out and take a stroll around the block. What better way to enjoy the spring weather (or look at the local homes for sale)?

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