VA Disability Compensation Rate Tables

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Military veterans can qualify for over $3,000 in benefits from the VA.

If you’re a disabled veteran, use the following disability compensation rate table to determine how much financial assistance you can receive from the VA. These rates took effect on Dec. 1, 2017.

Rates (No Dependents): 10% – 20%

Basic Rates – 10%-100% Combined Degree Only

Without Children With Children
30% – 60% 30% – 60%
70% – 100% 70% – 100%

10% – 20% (No Dependents)

Percentage Rate
10% $136.24
20% $269.30

30% – 60% Without Children

Dependent Status 30% 40% 50% 60%
Veteran Alone $417.15 $600.90 $855.41 $1,083.52
Veteran with Spouse Only $466.15 $666.90 $937.41 $1,182.52
Veteran with Spouse & One Parent $505.15 $719.90 $1,003.41 $1,261.52
Veteran with Spouse and Two Parents $544.15 $772.90 $1,069.41 $1,340.52
Veteran with One Parent $456.15 $653.90 $921.41 $1,162.52
Veteran with Two Parents $495.15 $706.90 $987.41 $1,241.52
Additional for A/A spouse (see footnote b) $46.00 $61.00 $76.00 $91.00

70% – 100% Without Children

Dependent Status 70% 80% 90% 100%
Veteran Alone $1,365.48 $1,587.25 $1,783.68 $2,973.86
Veteran with Spouse Only $1,481.48 $1,719.25 $1,932.68 $3,139.67
Veteran with Spouse and One Parent $1,574.48 $1,825.25 $2,051.68 $3,272.73
Veteran with Spouse and Two Parents $1,667.48 $1,931.25 $2,170.68 $3,405.79
Veteran with One Parent $1,458.48 $1,693.25 $1,902.68 $3,106.92
Veteran with Two Parents $1,551.48 $1,799.25 $2,021.68 $3,239.98
Additional for A/A spouse (see footnote b) $106.00 $122.00 $137.00 $152.06

30% – 60% With Children

Dependent Status 30% 40% 50% 60%
Veteran with Spouse and Child $503.15 $714.19 $998.41 $1,255.52
Veteran with Child Only $450.15 $644.90 $910.41 $1,149.52
Veteran with Spouse, One Parent and Child $542.15 $767.90 $1,064.41 $1,334.52
Veteran with Spouse, Two Parents and Child $581.15 $820.90 $1,130.41 $1,413.52
Veteran with One Parent and Child $489.15 $697.90 $976.41 $1,228.52
Veteran with Two Parents and Child $528.15 $750.90 $1,042.41 $1,307.52
Add for Each Additional Child Under Age 18 $24.00 $32.00 $41.00 $49.00
Each Additional Schoolchild Over Age 18 (see footnote a) $79.00 $106.00 $133.00 $159.00
Additional for A/A spouse (see footnote b) $46.00 $61.00 $76.00 $91.00

70% – 100% With Children

Dependent Status 70% 80% 90% 100%
Veteran with Spouse and Child $1,566.48 $1,816.25 $2,041.68 $3,261.10
Veteran with Child Only $1,442.48 $1,675.25 $1,882.68 $3,084.75
Veteran with Spouse, One Parent and Child $1,659.48 $1,922.25 $2,160.68 $3,394.16
Veteran with Spouse, Two Parents and Child $1,752.48 $2,028.25 $2,279.68 $3,527.22
Veteran with One Parent and Child $1,535.48 $1,781.25 $2,001.68 $3,217.81
Veteran with Two Parents and Child $1,628.48 $1,887.25 $2,120.68 $3,350.87
Add for Each Additional Child Under Age 18 $57.00 $65.00 $74.00 $82.38
Each Additional Schoolchild Over Age 18 (see footnote a) $186.00 $212.00 $239.00 $266.13
Additional for A/A spouse (see footnote b) $106.00 $122.00 $137.00 $152.06


  1. Rates for each school child are shown separately. They are not included with any other compensation rates. All other entries on this chart reflecting a rate for children show the rate payable for children under 18 or helpless. To find the amount payable to a 70% disabled Veteran with a spouse and four children, one of whom is over 18 and attending school, take the 70% rate for a veteran with a spouse and 3 children, $1,680.48, and add the rate for one school child, $186.00. The total amount payable is $1,866.48.
  2. Where the veteran has a spouse who is determined to require A/A, add the figure shown as “additional for A/A spouse” to the amount shown for the proper dependency code. For example, veteran has A/A spouse and 2 minor children and is 70% disabled. Add $106.00, additional for A/A spouse, to the rate for a 70% veteran with dependency code 12, $1,623.48. The total amount payable is $1,729.48.

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Compiled by Christian Losciale, updated on Dec. 5, 2017


Now almost every state in the nation offers some sort of property tax exemption for qualified veterans. Learn more:
Property Tax Exemptions for Eligible Veterans

228 responses to “VA Disability Compensation Rate Tables”

  1. Ron Napier says:

    Thanks for the info.

    • Semper Fi Veteran says:

      The table above is an old table. If you get a good service rep; most will do what they can for you. Last word though comes from the VA. Many put in for compensation on things that have nothing to do with their service; that makes it bad on those who do not. Get a good DAV / VFW Rep; I know the DAV has Service Reps. I know I have a great one. Go to the VA website, lots of info there to include the “Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents, and Survivors” handbook. is the website. You can learn so much from this site. Use it; that is the reason it is there – to be used.

  2. Walter says:

    If I as the veteran, (100%)’ passes, what would my spouse be entitled too?

    • john says:

      Even beter what would an ex spouse be entitled to if its taken from retirement if she was awarded a portion in a divorce?

      • Mitchell Burnett says:

        Unless laws have changed recently, disability is not considered community property and a state does not have the right to divide that benefit. In short, she shouldn’t be able to touch your disability.


        Unfortunately in most states it’s whatever the Family Court Judge orders, often half if you were married the whole time in service. In Arizona, there’s a law that protects VA Disability in family court. So it really depends on your state and even your particular judge.

    • Matt Tschopp says:

      After my wife died (100% service connected) I recieved about $1000 a month but it took about 5 months to start being paid that. Also if she (your wife) was to remarry she would lose all of it and get nothing.

      • tOM says:

        DOes that count if I am currently at 80% service connected as well? And will my daughter recieve anything?

    • William Golding says:

      What would she get…..The thanks of a Greatfull Nation…..and years and years of Red Tape from the V.A.

      Sorry to say but The Veterans Administration is the most inept part of the Bureauracacy.

    • Carl Mueller says:

      If death is caused by a service connected disability, she may be entitled to dependent indemnity compensation. Also, if you were totally disabled long enough, that in itself is a grantable DIC benefit.

    • VIRGIL ESSEX says:

      I am rated at 100%SC for PTSD & Unemployable. I got this rating the frist part of 200 and we have been married 34 years.Will she be able to file for DIC after my death and whom should I get to take care of this matter for her? I am a Life Member of the VFW and the DAV here in Indiana.

      • Dennis Grant says:

        did you file a new claim for unemployability at some point? That is probably my next step, but I don’t know what criteria you have to meet as far as VA is concerned.

    • Semper Fi Veteran says:

      My understanding is this…

      If you are 100% Total and Permanent, your spouse can apply for the DIC benefits provided you passed because of that service connected disability. There is also the catch all of having to be married for 10 years before the spouse can get anything rather it was during your service years or not (provided it hasn’t changed). And, up to a certain age if that spouse remarries the benefits are taken away.

  3. Richard Wright says:

    I am rated as 40% service connected, and it’s deducted from my military retirement. So I actually have to pay for my own compensation. Why????

    • scuba8usmc says:

      Same here. If you can get upgraded to 50% You would get concurrent pay where you get full taxable retirement and your $622 from the VA. (as I understand it)

    • GibbJabb says:

      If You are under 20yrs Active, its required that You either Waive your Military Retirement or the VA Compensation by Regulation…..I am 100% VA rated, and 40% DFAS, I had to waive the DFAS pay in order to draw the full 100% from VA~its best for me!

  4. Doug sieg says:

    I’m 70% service connected disabled. I have a wife and a child. I retired after 22 years active duty. I don’t receive this much disability. What’s up?

    • Optifreak says:

      Im also 70% Veteran Alone. I dont get anything close to that each month.

      • matkenseth17 says:

        My paperwork says I am 80% service connected but they use different charts and i only get compensated for 60% monthly. That might be the difference. I have friends also with the same circumstances. They are service connected for a higher percentage than what they are actually getting paid for.

      • somehow they calculate how they want to. If you have different things wrong with you they don’t add them together. They are all corrupt.

      • Big Bill says:

        I am 70% and I filed for unemployabity, I now receive 100% rate

    • disappointed veteran says:

      System dosent make sense. My service connected disabilities ADD up to 130, but Im paid as 80.Its that new math that Ill never understand. I still have claims they dont/wont recognize. Its in my military med records. Need to “clean up the administration” and make it a real Veterans Administration instead of a civilian service denying Veterans!!!!!

      • Joe Smith says:

        Well, blame congress, they wrote the rules.

      • Semper Fi Veteran says:

        The way it was explained to me is this…

        Your body is divided into sections; then the highest single amount in one particular section is added to the highest single amount in each other particular section – the total is your disability rating.

  5. Sunnyb says:

    I stated on face book, cant get my wife certified as my dependent, Cant get whats due on claim for agent orange. I think the whole system is misleading, not veteran friendly. Even our great John Mccain cant help. Semper Fi all you folks there with same problem.

  6. bullfrog says:

    And as far a a COLA for your VA disablity, the Republicans fillibustered that, won’t be decided until after the election, Gee, thanks Repubs

  7. alvin says:

    greetings from florida

  8. Sherry says:

    I am 90% disabeled with dependents, I get my disability pay but I am waiting for my dependent pay. First submitted in May 2011 and resubmitted again in January 2012. I know VA is busy but that is just crazy.

    • Sarah says:

      What’s funny though that when your dependent turns 18 they are extremely fast to turn off the money (even though they are still in high school…they did it same month he turned 18), we noticed it right away filled out the form, we got response…It will take 9 months to review!!! Interesting….

    • Krista says:

      I filed to add my spouse and newborn son in Feb 2011. I resubmitted in August 2012…I have called a zillion times and finally received a letter stating that they were “behind” and the end of September was my time frame. However, I have yet to see a cent of it. This is absurd! Does anyone know if I will receive retro pay from the date of my marriage and the birth of my son or will it be based on when I filed the forms?

      • Lee says:

        One of my friends, who is also a disabled vet, applied for spousal compensation in Jan. 2011, and finally started receiving it this last Feb. 2013. She said that they paid back to the date that she 1st filed. I didn`t apply for mine until December 2012, so I probably won`t get it until 2014, but as far as I know, they do pay back to the date you 1st submitted your form…that is if it gets approved.

  9. Donald Beecher says:

    My husband, Totally Hearing impaired (Deaf) Korean War Vet,Air Force, Korea, Intercept Enemy Code, Security Radio Operator. Applied for disability twice. No response from Vets Admin.

  10. corpus vet says:

    what is an “A/A Spouse”?

    • john dawson says:

      to figure disability
      20% leaves 80 % not disabled
      another 20% would be 20% of 80% not 100
      which is 16% leaving 16 of 80 =64
      30% added would be 30 percent of 64 which is 19 not 30 making it 45 30 % more would be 30 % of 45 not 100 so we wind up with 31 % not disabled or 70 % disabled 20+20+30++30=100% but formula = 70 % always % of amount disabled not total of disabilities added together

    • krystal says:

      An AA spouse is a spouse who needs Aid and Attendence. In other words a disabled homebound spouse who needs a caregiver.

  11. John says:

    I joined the DAV they helped me!

  12. George Boston says:

    I’ve been trying to get the VA to let me see a doctor at the Los Angeles Hospital and look into my Neurapathy/ Diabetes problem for 15 years. Absolutely no luck, I was exposed to Agent Orange while I was in Viet Nam and I have pretty much lost the use of both legs and my left arm and hand. According to my local VA Quack, it couldn’t possibly be related to agent orange because it took too long to affect me. BS. I think they figure if they hold out long enough I will just die and be out of their hair !

  13. Disappointed Veteran says:

    The problem with VA administration is you have people in there that have never seen a day of military service makin these decisions for us Veterans. Put thier asses out there and let me take years to decide thier case. No you cant have that so theres more money for me who doesnt deserve it. Its bullshit. They claim to be here for us but talk to all of the veterans and they would rather go private than the damn VA for proper treatment.

  14. Lasalle91 says:

    First of all thanks to all how have served, and thanks for the info I didn’t know each child was different pay, how do you go about add two? Do I have to go to the VA and reapply?

    • mswill79 says:

      In answer to your question NO…I was able to add my twins born this yr over the phone. I had to mail in their orginal birth cert. But dont worry they send them back.

      • Krista says:

        I haven’t been required to provide birth or marriage certificates for any of my children. I wonder why?

        • Shady Ranger says:

          This is why you are not getting paid. You must submit proof per every dependent or they will not pay you. Which in turn causes you to wait longer to get paid. Go to a VSO and have them submit this for you it is free.

  15. Disappointed Veteran says:

    Ive been to DAV, PVA, VFW, all of them have been on my side. Five years later and two apoeals. All the VA can say is no. 80% disabled and they are too closed minded about what us Veterans have done for thier asses to sit behind a desk and say no. Then if you get a lawyer you still lose cuz they take it all from you. I throughly say if you havent served in the military, you shouldnt be allowed to work at the VA. If you work in claims, then you shouldhave been in same or worse to decide a claim. Not some Joe off the stret. System needs to be fixed cause its not bout the Veteran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. jon van nortwick says:

    how do you put in for agent orange. they wont even talk to me about it. and ive got type 11 diabetis and thats where they said i got it. i had 20 percent for my ears and just for no reason, they took that away. can anyone tell me how to handle these fools?.

    • krystal says:

      Do not try handling it on your own. Use a sevice rep from somewhere like the VFW or DAV. Most have offices at VA med centers but are notemployed by the VA. Thier sole job isto help the vet.

    • larry says:

      have the dav file a claim for you,they rep you for free,you should get 20% if you take meds for type 2,you have to prove boots on the ground in nam.

  17. Bob says:

    I’m collecting 20% and have been out of work now almost 7 years due to my injury. It’s going on almost 7 years now My lawyer has been trying to get me 100% due to unemployability. I’ll be dead before I ever see A Dime. Thanks Va!!! please send anything I may have coming to me in heaven.

    • Dick says:

      I think its time to dump your lawyer! You need to know that you must be rated at least, either 60% or 70% disabled (not sure which) in order to apply for the 100% due to unemployability. So first, you need to get your percentage increased and yes, it takes time, but as your claim is being processed, the VA is supposed to let let you know periodically, that they are still working on your claim. If your lawyer is not a DAV lawyer or one that is affiliated with some other veteran service group — Dump him… Goog luck, I wish you well and many thanks for YOUR service.

    • dennis says:

      i got tired of screwing around with VA so i went to my state rep (bud shuster) i couldn’t beleive it when he called me the next day i now have 100%.

    • Paul Krumrei says:

      Go to your county office and have the American Legion represent you, screw the lawyer, cause that is what he is doing to you!

      • Lee says:

        most lawyers will take 30-40% off the top of any compensation you might receive…use a DAV representative, they are free, and know what they are doing.

  18. Our problems with the VA have been going on for longer than I have dealt with them which is 38 years, stay after them, talk with congressmen and senators, that has helped me somewhat over the years but puts a black mark on the VA records about you.

  19. stevil says:

    the va mistreats all of our veterans who deserve and earned that money! you deserve more than that! its ashamed that people get housing food stamps and ssi and they arent even from this country! is that what we are fighting for!!! what a disgrace

    • Retired 1 says:


      You hit the nail on the head. I is a d…. shame. We as veterans have to wait months to years to receive what is owed to us because of back logs in the system. Why not hire those folks that r receiving food stamps to help process some of the thousands of va disability claims.

  20. Normandie says:

    I am ashamed to read all the negatives. The Congress has hearings on every subject most are a waste of time and it is about time they mounted a VA hearing to hear all the gripes. Lets get all the service organizations to call for a hearing.

  21. Jimmy Neutron says:

    The VA is broken. In the last month, I have been denied medical care (illegal) at my local clinic in Klamath Falls, OR because “your team’s doctor resigned and we have no one to see you”, then was told by them to pay and see the local e.r., had the urgent care doctor in Roseburg tell me it would be better if I saw a private doctor (same day after a 3hr each way drive and 11hr wait)and then he did not place the consultation I needed for my hearing, and a waiting room full of fed up vets getting angry.

    Been trying to add my wife and stepchild to my comp since 2011. Was told my claim was not important and to wait. Been trying to file a claim for my carrier diminished hearing, but I don’t know if I want to go through the trouble.

    My dad was a silver star 100% disabled vietnam vet. He (we) dealt with even worse problems with the VA. He is dead now. Thanks VA. Way to treat the US Commanding officer’s ex-bodyguard in NAM right?

    Go VA! You are doing such a great job!

  22. Southernvet says:

    For those with disability compensation problems: If you haven’t got an open claim, file one today. Find the website that lists the exact verbiage required to get the level of compensation that most accurately describes your condition. Pay attention to phrases like “more likely than not”, “directly caused”, “causal factor”, “aggravates”, etc. Write a letter stating how the problems you have are related to military service. Now go find your own doctor to write a letter like yours or better yet just use yours and sign it. When you get turned down, appeal. Never miss a deadline. Follow the appeal process until it goes to the board. That takes the decision out of the r/o and into the legal system. The decision makers now are lawyers and you get a chance to submit further evidence. Now send your doctor letters (a different letter for each condition) to the board. When they see the right wording as previously mentioned you win. It only takes preponderance of the evidence or even a tie in competing opinions for you to win. These folks are lawyers, not doctors, and believe it or not are on your side. Give them what they need to give you what you want. Never lie to them, that’s a felony. Took me 7 years to finally get to 100% so don’t give up.

    • PT591108 says:

      Kudos Southernvet! You are giving them the right recipe for success. Squeaky wheel does get the oil, complaining is not the proper way to squeak! Following protocol and the right paperwork will get it done. Getting educated on the system sure helps as well!

  23. Butch Davis says:

    Like alot of you guys am still waiting on word from the VA on my agent orange,and a few other things,been a year now,am a vietnam vet,I sure hope they treat the next generation of soldiers alot better then they are treating us.Just remenber your congressman,if he did any time,all he has to do is fax his paper work over and he’s taken care the man said send it to heaven. Semper Fi

    • tbeesting says:

      Don’t worry they get a little better but not as well as they need to be. Viet Nam Vets are at the bottom of the list because they feel that we are used to getting treated like crap and will stand for it.

      • Ammokills says:

        Actually, I (Desert Storm/Iraq vet) was recently told by VA that my claim was on the back burner because they are working on the Vietnam cases concerning agent orange, and that issue was not a priority…

  24. Janice Beard says:

    With a 100% compensation, how will the COLA increase affect my check every month? I am living month to month on my compensation and live on a very tight budget. So I am wondering how much of an increase I can expect.

    • Christian Losciale says:

      It depends on your disability rating. No two people will have the same situation and therefore will get different increases each month during 2013. On average, recipients will receive $500 more total in 2013.

      -Christian L.

    • William Wilson says:

      Janice, it appears that next years cola will be 2% or less. That is applied to each paycheck you receive in 2014. That is about $2 a month per $100. Makes you want to rush out and buy something doesn’t it? Lol

  25. bryan jones says:

    the VA were notified to adjust my disability compensation in Jan.31,2004 for my spouse(vietnamese) they claim,i never told them! my wife qualified for CHAMPVA as of that date.They never paid me the additional $150.00,until july 2008,i complained,filed a claim,along with documentation of notification. They denied me back pay,filed an appeal, a review officer in Winston-Salem VA denied me again!They owe me $8,000.00 in benefit pay for my wife. This is nothing more,than a swindle!

  26. Jason says:

    I was recently asked about paying an ex part of his disability after divorce. Excuse my opinion, but any spouse who goes after the veteran for a chunk of his disability for alimony should be ashamed of his/herself. Calculating the amount for child support is the law and the child/children is/are entitled, but the veteran shouldn’t be paying ANY of that to an ex who didn’t earn it. Just my 2 cents.

    • Christopher Herrera says:

      Yeah, tell me about it. My ex went after my disability at 40percent and they added it to my child support!!

  27. Lucinda says:

    I have read the comments about the VA…it is such a shame…I have found that the military uses and when they are finished with us, we are nearly thrown out for the trash collector. We are not even a number. I was told that I had to resign from the military because I refused surgery!!! The post office did the same thing to me!!! What a system…..!!!

  28. rich says:

    i was in the military active from 1971 till 1975 then i was in the army reserves from 1975 till 1980. then i joined the national guard from 1980 till 1992 a total of 21 years. i called about my retirement package and cannot get my records of my military time. when i call i keep getting passed on to other departments.i am 40%service connected and i have been trying to get a increase sinc 1992 every time i apply i get turned down. my case was reopened dec. of 2011.i was injured while i was in the army but they cannot finsd any record of my injurys.

  29. Adonis says:

    I’m very happy with the help the VA gave me. It is true that it takes awhile, but it pays off at the end. I also got some help from the DAV.

    • 7petersons says:

      Happy at the DAV? They have been nothing but a waist of time for me. I have been trying to remove them from my file but I can’t seem to. I have called our DAV regional office over 8 different times in the past 6 months and every time I call they are out on board meetings or vacations they don’t even keep accurate records I think they are in cahoots with the Oakland regional veterans office and like to lose stuff on purpose

      • Shady Ranger says:

        All you have to do to get rid of and change to a different officer to be assigned or attached to your claim filing is fill out a form at any other VSO office. It takes 5 minutes and who ever you had previously will no longer be the office/officer on record for your claims. It is free.

  30. Bkbiddle says:

    Everyone is talking bad about the VA, I sit and think that I have ben on almost ten different deployments from 1991 thru 2012. I have been paralized from the neck down, been medivaced out of theater declared legally blind, my wife and kids left me because they say that I spend more time deployed than at home. two weeks a year since 2004 what a life. filed a claim with the VA and they gave me 40%. Now I got the other claim going since 2010 for PTSD, the sleep aphnea and the astmah, everytime i call them they talk about it only takes 180 days, now we are about to be in 2013 and still no decision. I got the Cpap machine, the three different inhalers, and they got me on all this S**t that is supposed to make me sleep. I am still up until two or three every night looking at the ceeling wondering if it will ever end. they got me comming to appointments every month now. I just feel like going in there and choking the S**t out of everylast one of them. then going to Waco and pulling a Vernon Howell
    aka David Koresh on all of them then they will get someone in there to take care of bussiness. This don’t make any sense at all.

    • William Wilson says:

      The DAV has been very helpful to me in processing my claims. I recommend that you employ them or another service organization to help with your claims.

  31. james e. mccoy says:

    I have four childrens,and I ve had them since birth,I am a grandparent, how do I claim them as dependant? I am an honorable discharged vet with service connected disability,or their any help?

  32. Ozzy says:

    Here is how ratings are done; I have spoken with a number of people at the VA and know this is fact: You start as 100% healthy; take your highest rating, say 40%. Subtract that from 100% and you have 60% remaining. 60% is now your whole rating. If you have an additional 10% rating, then 10% of 60% is only 6%. That would put you at 46% and would not meet the requirements for 50%. I agree it is a very confusing system of calculation, but that is the way it is.

  33. Bill says:

    I had a problem with malaria records that the va said was not found anywhere. I started digging and found that all records of patients were still aboard the hospital ship that had been decommissioned. It shows that sometimes all your records are not in one place. So anyone that was in nam and had malaria and put on a hospital ship search for that ship.

  34. Wiko123 says:

    I figured out how they add up the %. Ready? Say someone has 3 things being rated for dissability at 70%, 20% and 10%. Normal math would equal 100%, Right?

    Here is Fed Math.
    70% dissabled = 30% able
    20% of the remaining 30% that is able = 6

    (6 minus the 30=24) dissabled and 24% able.

    10% of the remaining 24% that is able = 2.4 (2.4 minus the 24 = 22.6)

    The final number is 70%+6%+2.4=78.4% dissabled and 22.6 able. 78.4% rounded up to 80%

    I hope this helps someone else understand why the % does not make sense

  35. Charlie says:

    Can dual disabled veterans receive benefits with children?

  36. jmpr says:

    Why does my previous link to the Disability Compensation Rate Tables on the VA site no longer work? I can’t find the tables anywhere. I’m talking about the list that shows current and also historic rates.
    Is there a new place to get these?

  37. Army Recruiter says:

    They never told us about this when we were enlisting recruits but we’ve all been screwed by the lopsided VA compensation system. I could tell you manay more stories than what is posted here. Rest assured congress and the senate are all well taken care of while we suffer and pay taxes to help pay our own compensation.

  38. Tom says:

    I would like to find out if I can apply for VA benefits. I was in the Army from 1975 until 1978 and had mental problems ever since. In the last few years I also had a heart attack, tripple by-pass, back surgery etc. – I am fully disabled but never applied for VA benefits. Can somebody give me some information on this? Thank you for your help.

  39. William Sloan says:

    There was supposed to be an increase of 1.7%, but it’s not on my check today what’s up with that? Did anyone else not get their raise?

  40. Retired 1 says:

    I thinks we as Veterans need to start taking our stories about the no go VA system to our local/national media! Maybe this would get the ball rolling again. Remember the Walter Reed whistle blower.

  41. clayton cotman says:

    i am 90% unemployale i draw 100% rate is my wife eligable for champ va

    • Hi Clayton, your spouse is eligible for CHAMPVA if she is not eligible for TRICARE and the VA has rated you permanently and totally disabled for a service-connected disability. Here’s a link with more information:

    • Mike Richards says:

      yes she can get CHAMPVA. Her yearly deductible is $50. Thats for the whole year. All medications are paid for if you get them by mail. I got my wife her CHAMPVA and then Met Life Dental. Her dental is $38 a month. Her dental pays at least something. well worth the cost.

  42. luis rivera says:

    I need help claiming reclaiming my disabilities. I have a 0% and don’t know how to resummit the paper work. any advises

  43. James T. says:

    I get VA Benefits 30%. When I die does my wife get any of this benefit ?

  44. Dennis Grant says:

    I’m 30% for PTSD. Nam vet. Found out DEC 2012 I had lung cancer and had part of lung removed 2/2013. Filed for Agent Orange. What can I expect? An increase? If so, how much?

  45. josh says:

    Im 70% service connected with 4 dependents and one of the are disabled and i only revieve 1475 a month and was told i should be at 3000 a month or more any answers would help my va doesnt help me

    • Dave says:

      Josh: Your current pay is correct. If you are unable to work due to your service connected disabilities and have statement from your VA Primary Doctor OR another DR who is treating you that indicates you can’t work you can draw at the 100% rate if you meet the qualifying standards to draw Unemployability. Go to website and copy the VA from to file for Unemployability . If you are unable to work due to your disabilities you may also file for SS disability benefits. Lastly, if you have a child that is disabled you may draw Aid and Attendance on their behalf. The A and A form that is filed by your son’s doctor can also be found on the VA website.

      • Jeff says:

        dave that is not true . if you have a combined rating of 100 percent you can work. if you have one rating that is 100 percent you cant work.

        • ADeal says:

          Jeff that is not what I read. You must hat 70% with one disability totaling at least 40% or more along with another disability of at least 30%

  46. john casca says:

    We have been waiting 2 years for one child and 1year for another as they were taken off the claim the day they turned 18 but they’re both still in school .I’m very greatfull for the 70 % I’M receiving but I can’t understand what the delay is ?Iam an Airborne combat vet who just wants fair compensation and shouldn’t feel like I’M begging for scraps from a dumpster . It all starts at the local level in the voting booths . We keep sending the same people back to Washington expecting different results .I am told this is the definition of insanity?

  47. Jonathan says:

    Overall my exp with the va has been sound its Washington who im having issues with. I got a 30% navy rating and a 40% va rating. I suffered a rather severe blow to my head while underway during a drill. Which has lead to migraines memory loss and blindness as well as sleep apnea. When I got my board back before I signed in I smartly looked it over to see that they tried lumping my blindness in my right eye which is 78% blind in with my tbi and migraines. Luckily I had educated myself enough to know they were low balling me and in the wrong. Hence I have submitted a rebuttle and am hoping they come back with the proper rating this time. However time has been a issue its been 18 months since I got injured it my boat doc 4 days of me complaining and vomiting to realize I was really hurting. Then took another 3 months to see any doctor at all after I got off the boat. I thank the military for there mentality and lack of action for the loss of site in my eye. The civilian doctors said if I had been seen within 14 days of it happening id more than likely still have full use of my eye.

  48. LeeTaa says:

    My husband died but was out of the military when he passed. However, he did not retire from the military and he never had any disability compensations. Am I entitled to anything?

  49. KArina says:

    My future husband is a disable vet, dont remember the %, but our question is, when we get marry his pension rate will increase??

    • john says:

      yes he will get an increase

      • Vanessa says:

        Make sure you apply right away, its only back paid from the date of submission, NOT marriage. My husband and I were married in 2008 but he didnt add me until 2014, so that was 6 years we missed out on increase.

        • Jeff says:

          you might wanna re check that. i was told otherwise . got my rating when i was medically retired from service my wife is a foreign national without a social . they will back date that . all the way to my sep date . because we were married . she just didnt have a social,

  50. WISE says:


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  51. frederick w. graves says:

    I took a early enlistment in the marine corp I February of 1971 & was in til july or august 1971. Igot a honorable discharge under medicial conditions. I tried to appeal it but failed to let me continue. I was wanting to know if I may be able to get benefits.thank you

  52. Airforceblues says:

    First off I want to Thank everyone for there service. I am a 80% service connected veteran for a lower back and knee injury I got while serving on active duty. My question is I have Degenerative Disc Disease and just hurt my back. I now have a bulging disc that is pinching nerves that shoot pain in my hips buttocks and down my legs. Since my Degenerative Disc Disease is getting worse (I’m only 28) can most likely caused this injury. Can I summit it and get my rating up to 100%?? or even claim it at all?? please help need answers.

    • Shady Ranger says:

      I have the same issue and have relating nerve, neck decompression and arthritis, and experience the nerve numbing and tingling throughout my whole body especially legs and toes. You can claim anything you want to bro, but unless you have proof from a va doctor they will not do anything but deny your claim unless you had evidence in your military records. I went from 30% to 70% to finally 100% after almost 3 1/2 years and took me going thru so many doctors at the va to finally find the ones who would listen and believed me. U need the proof.

    • DD says:

      Yes considering that your injury has now taken a turn for the worse….. just go to your nearest physician and have X rays/MRI taken to prove the aggravated area, and make a copy of the doctor’s new found diagnosis……. then go to a Legionaire or DMV…… they can get you better results and faster when they file for you….. than an assigned VA rep….! GOD Bless U!

    • Mike Richards says:

      yes. if you are rated at 80% and are unemployable. then they will rate you at 100% because of being unemployable. File for Social Security Disability at the same time. you will get back paid to when you originally filed as you go after your benefits

  53. Just some vet says:

    Well ill try to make this short, im in the same boat as some of these veterans here, i was given 50 percent disability in february 2012 but until now im not recieving the pay for my wife and kid, i called them they said ill get a letter in 10 days from the va, nope got nothing, calling them was useless, the estimated time they gave me for the dependency claim should been done this month but when i check the status of my claim at they change the date, now there saying between december 23, 2013 to may 2014. The only veteran phone number that i only like is the veteran crisis hotline atleast they care to listen. Well fellow vets and family , best of luck to you guys.

  54. Leon Meek says:

    I’ve heard a lot of rumors about VA compensation benefits changing in 2014. At the present time I’m 30% disabled and receive compensation and that amount is deducted from my military retirement check. The rumors I’ve heard is in Jan 2014 there will be no VA waiver coming out of retirees pay and the VA will compensate what was deducted out of the retirees pay. In other words, the retiree will receive his full retired pay with no VA deductions, and the VA will pay what was originally deducted and the veteran will receive both checks. Does anyone have good information about this. Thanks for a response.

    • DD says:

      call this number…… 706-545-4887 ask for Mr. Fields/VA rep…. very charming and patient man…… He works @ Ft Benning, Ga as a rep that files VA apps. for the active duty soldiers….. so if there are any changes then he would know…….. GOD Bless U!

  55. carolyn says:

    My friend told me that she lost her ssi when she married a disabled veteran? She was told that she must give up ssi and can not be placed as a dependant on her husbands disabled veterans benefits for a year. She is really struggling to make ends meet, Is this true and if so, Why?

  56. Robert Pompeo says:

    Listen you guy’s.
    You have to do with the VA. the same thing you had to do in Viet Nam to survive. Then you can collect what you earned!
    You have to be the biggest pain in the ass that the VA has ever had to deal with and eventually they will rate you. Pester them until they have nightmares about you. Appeal every thing they say and continually demand that your entire case be reevaluated in writing. You’ll never get any where talking to those blood suckers that call them selves veterans advocates on the phone.Is just another layer of blood sucking breaurecrats or PTSD GET IN THEIR FACES IMMEDIATELY! by the time they get rid of you you’ll be collecting 100% from those bastards. trust me on this on guys because I’m collecting 100% from the VA and Social Security Disability. Don’t wait for your VA case to be decided before you apply for Social Security Disability. I applied at the same time and I actually began receiving my money from Social Security way before I got my first VA payment and that check was $ 42,000.00. That’s right boys $ 42,000.00 Smackers!!!!!!

  57. Robert Pompeo says:

    One More Thing. Well, actually several things.
    What really matters is what your combined disability rating is. For a while I was being rated at 70% disabled and 30% unemployability. so they were paying me at the 100% rate. I appealed and requested that they reevaluate my PTSD rating all over again and when I went in to the room with the shrink I violated his personal space which I think is legally 18 inches in the first five seconds I was in the room with him but I didn’t use my arms or hands in a threating way. I just got in his face that’s all. Then I withdrew and sat back down in the chair and let him ask me some more stupid questions I was in the room with him and he noted that I got in his face right away like they did in basic. He blinked his eyes and started to turn away from me I got loud about the questions he was asking me You know intimidation 101. He wrote all of my behavior and I was rerated at 100% for my PTSD alone not mention the loss of a reproductive organ another 20% loss of all high frequency hearing rated at 10% and prostate cancer and heart disease another 30%. So remember that $1+$1 does not equal $2 at the VA. it’s only equal to $1.25. Keep applying for every little ache or pain that comes along and do it in writing and keep copies of everything you send them. When you respond to them do it by registered mail. That way there is no way they can lie about when the really got your claim.
    You guys can beat these blood suckers you know haw to fight so fight!
    Now the payoff the longer the VA delays your claim they are violating Federal Law which prohibits the delaying of A veterans claim in any way! Go to Google and do a search for pro-bono lawyers. Find one that will write a letter to the Va. Informing them that you have been informed of your legal remedies and that if they do not respond with in the days of receipt of that letter that legal action will begin. I guarantee Your response will arrive in less than ten days and it will most likely be a favorable one in the Friday mail. The VA does not like to be brought in to court by combat vets. It gets immediate negative news coverage and the VA will turn it’ self inside out to keep that from happening. As you all can see I’m not a big fan of the VA. You gotta play hardball with these ass holes! To get what you earned! I say BUllshit to the blood suckers at the VA.

    • Mike Richards says:

      I was wondering why you appealed if you were getting paid the the 100% rate because of being unemployable. Hopefully you applied for your Social Security Disability. As I recall your max PTSD rating is 50%. What else where you being rated for.. you can have several disabilities that if added up separately could go way over 100%. So getting rated at 100% for PTSD when 50% is the max is interesting to me. I find that the VA for me anyway has gone way out of there way to provide me with the best care that they can. I guess I just like seeing someone lam the VA the way you did when the end result was the same.

  58. Bill says:

    I had a temp rating of 100% for a service connected disability, and was operated on and received a letter that I was considered perm and total disable, I also have disability ratings for kidney failure 80%, hyprtention/vascular disease 10%, back problems related to active duty injury 20% and depression/anxiety 30% Also I been rated 0% ED. Three years after I received the letter telling me I was perm and total disable, I was told by the VA that it was an error and they want to take the 100% for operation and lower to 0% and take the other ratings and give me a 90% rating. I have appeal the rating lower for both and still waiting to hear the results. The operation was for an aortic abeyrtsm repair which was considered service connected do to hypertention/vascular disease. It has been repaired but the artery is not back to orginal I had an open repair which they sew in a mest support under the aneurysm, my appeal is that it may not be considered 100% but it also shouldn’t be considered 0%. waiting on appeal. excuse my spelling. I can figure out why they sent me a letter telling me I am consider perm and total and then claim it was an error, especially when I have addition disability of 140% thanks for any help

    • Mike Richards says:

      You still are covered for 100% medical even if you are rated at 90%. The VA doesn’t add up all your disabilities to come up with their total. If you are not working you can be increased to 100% due to unemployability. If you are unemployable due to your disability you need to file for Social Security disability benefits. There are a lot of help the government gives you, but I haven’t found a VA employee that will help you. They give you all the information that you need on line. If it is hard for you to understand all of the information available to you on line, then get a friend or family member to help you. If you own any property you can also get tax abatements on your personnel property , i.e.. home, vehicles, boats, etc. That saves me $2,800 a year. It all adds up

  59. Chris Birk says:

    @Carlos: You’d likely want to talk to the VA directly about this. To find the VA regional office nearest you, use the Veterans Affairs National Facilities Locator at or call VA toll free at 1-800-827-1000.

  60. broken but not forgotten says:

    I don’t know where you live but personally id get a hold of your congressman asap the va don’t care about you at all

  61. Chris Birk says:

    You’d probably want to check with the Veterans Benefits Administration:

  62. Soon2BRetired says:

    Can someone please explain this freaking CDRP stuff to me? I have attempted to get an answer as to what the compensation amount is and when I can expect it,but to no avail. I receive a retirement check monthly and on this month’s statement it states that the VA has reported to DFAS that I am entitled to CDRP. That amount is the same amount that my disability compensation is. There is no increase in my check however. At this point I’m utterly confused.

    • Mike Richards says:


    • Jimmy Candelaria says:

      CRDP is concurrent retirement disability pay. When you retire and you have completed 20 years of honorable service and have 50% or more in disability. You are entitled to get your retirement check plus your disability check.

  63. Mark Danley says:

    my wife receives 60% disability but her check was 62 cents less this month than last month, did this happen to anyone else?

  64. Kristen says:

    Hi, I’m 32 and I’m rated at 80% but 100% because of IU. I bring in 3200 a month .. It might seem like a lot but when you have a family of 5 it goes quick. I have PTSD , anxiety, migraines, ulcerative colitis, PCOS and patella femoral pain syndrome.. (PFS) .. Its getting bad now to the point I have to take at least 3 pain pills a day to function.. Obviously I can’t work.. Barely keeping up with the house work and taking care of my self.. My question is.. Is there any more programs out there to get more money or help in maintaining my life? I was actually told by a VA doctor the other day that she legally can’t tell me how to get more benefits.. But there are ways.. She said there’s more ways to get compensated but they don’t broad cast it because the system could go broke? .. Can any one help guide me further ? Thank you in advance.

    • LeeTaa says:

      Make sure you file for Social Security Benefits.

    • Jeff says:

      if you were retired from service . You can also claim crsc. Also I would recommend Social Security . Now you also need to look at two things about your rating in regards to working . is it your combined rating a 100 percent if so you can work . Do you have 1 rating that is 100 percent then NO you cant work.

  65. Linda Stewart-Riley says:

    For all you veterans out there who get frustrated with the system, check out your local Disabled American organization. They are everywhere, and sometimes they will point you to the right place. So much for calls to a system that all you get is a recording. Thank you all, for all you have done for our country.

  66. Karen says:

    I am 90% disabled and have been told my children can go to college for free, does anyone have any information on this or know where I can find it?

    • Melo says:

      U have to be 100% for the children to attend college it call the dea chapter 35 once u 100% then u go to regional office an apply the dea chapter 35 application and if u 90 u can apply for IU claim and once approve then they go to college for free

      • Robert Nicolodi says:

        In the state of Virginia and are rated at 90%, your kids can attend a state sponsored College for 4 years not to exceed their 26th birthday for free. This does not include housing and fees, only tuition.

        • Rich says:

          Robert- Where did you find that info? I have 90% and would like to find the info to research, then apply it to my kids. Thanks.

    • diff says:

      California gives free college for any disability % at any community college/university of California school

  67. Will Rountree says:

    How long does it take for a claim to be processed? I was rated at 60% disability through the military and then rated at 0% through the VA. I have requested an increase in my VA after my rating from the Navy was finalized at 60%. It has been 13 months with little to no feedback from the VA in the last 8 months. I have checked online at ebenefits and my claim says it is still in the Gathering of Evidence phase and that evidence requested is past due. I have uploaded and sent in the evidence multiple times and even called to tell them I have nothing else to submit, the evidence requested is the form saying I have nothing to submit. I submitted all my evidence when I filed my claim and told them I had nothing then, why send me paperwork asking me if I have anything else again?

    • Mike Richards says:

      with all of the service man that are filing for benefits is can take up to 2 years. but they will back pay you in a lump sum from when you originally filed. The average serviceman that is still in the military are being asked to fill out there disabilities they believe they are entitled to 3 months before they get out. The average list of disabilities they apply for is 15. Can you imagine how that backlogs the system. The VA has been great to me, but I still had to wait for their decision, and then I didn’t agree with their descison and filed for them to re look at it. It took a little over 2 years, but I know get me full benefits. I also filed for Social Security Disability. Now at least I can live and I am not as much of a burdeon to my family

  68. Mike Richards says:

    that makes you 100% disabled due to unemployability. Apply for Social Security disability. Yes your wife can get health insurance CHAMPVA. full coverage for a single deductible a year of $50. INCREDIBLE!! Dental is done through Met Life Dental and you pick a plan. We chose the best and it costs us $38 a month. You get about $100 more a month in your VA if you are married versus single.

  69. Fruitbat says:

    I received 10% but I have 2 children and a foreign spouse. Is there any addition to the $130.94?

  70. robert mochi says:

    I totaled up my percentages and top out at 260 percent and am homebound,can I get more money

  71. Sheila Kimbrough says:

    My husband was awarded 70%, due to him having 2 dependents which we are newlyweds of 14 months and plus some medical issues he has. Is he entitle to back pay because he waited over 12 months?

  72. Marc Hicks says:

    I am a 100% disabled vet, it took me 9 years to get it. During that time I did apply for SS but was turned down of course. I didn’t appeal the decision (approx. 2007) because of ignorance & lack of knowledge. I got my 100% in Sept 2013 totally and permanently, I haven’t worked in 10 years. I reapplied for in Dec 2013, I was given SSI but told I didn’t qualify for SSD because of lack of work credits, they told me I need go back to work for 5 years to get the 20 credits needed. I need more income is there anything I can get from SS? If yes how? BTW I live in PA.

  73. Arcken says:

    How much I should get if I have Tinitus in both ears, surgery and problems on the left ankle, high blood pressure, testicle cancer, RT knee problems, RT shoulder problems, back problems, anxiety disorder, respiratory problems due to dust and burning pits from being deployed?

  74. Elizabeth Repetto says:

    my husband was 100% agent orange disabled. he died in 2008. we were told by a DAV agent that his disability/comp would remain the same even after his death. but in filing for widow benefits I was told that all changed in oct of 2007. I have searched dav records, va. records and even the DAV magazine back issues to see information pertaining to this change in benefits. nothing. can you help me. bob died from a massive heart attck on july 15th 2008. he had just bought our first home on june 20th and we moved in july 4th weekend.
    he suffered 2 heart attacks in june 2008. he had a heart catherization done the end of june at the salem va. hospital. he was waiting an apt to have his heart included in his disability when he died.

    • Dave says:

      Elizabeth: If your husband died from his service connected disabilities you are eligible for DIC benefit. This is quite a bit less than his 100% VA disability (Approx, $3000 dropping to $1300 once you get the DIC. (Dependent Indemnity Compensation).

  75. jim says:

    hey, i was just rated at 80 percect but as single. I have a wife and three kids, am i supposed to be rated as married with 3 children and get the higher rate or is that only for certain circumstances? thanks

    • Jimmy Candelaria says:

      You need to update your va dependant claim. Your monthly pay should jump when you do so.

  76. Debbi says:

    My father is a veteran he started collecting VA disability in 1972 he has never gotten a raise he 81 and still gets 64.00 is there anyone i can contact about this?

  77. TNiemann says:

    I received 30% disability back in 1999 and recently considered getting an online degree in industrial hygiene. I have never seeked VA assistance although I have received standard monthly disability. I was told that a portion of this program I am looking to take would be covered by my VA disability…is this true and worth pursuing??

  78. lew says:

    Do you get additional compensation if you have a child who has a disability?

  79. Matthew Gordon says:

    Hi everyone, I’m not sure if you guys can answer my question but i figure this would be the best place to ask it. I broke my ankle and tore a tendon in my chest about 6 months ago, I’ve had two surgeries on my ankle and attend rehab twice a week for my chest and have a metal plate and screws in my ankle, both injuries happened at work performing law enforcement training exercises, my question is, how much disability should I expect from the military once I separate? Ive been told I should get anywhere from 30-50%

  80. Nik says:

    My daughter’s father is 60% disabled vet and receives almost 1200$ a month. My question is with my daughter having heart issues how do i go about getting his benefits for her. We are currently not together but we are civil but these appts. plus gas driving her back and forth to the heart Doctor are getting pretty pricey and I am on a fixed income. Someone also told me she should be eligable for some of his disability pay. Is that true? I do not need it for me it is for her but I don’t get very much child support from him(don’t ask me why, because I have no clue) but it would be nice to actually have money to buy my daughter the things she needs. Help someone please?

  81. matt says:

    iam 100%permenant totally by va can my wife go to school free

  82. Alyssia says:

    I’m new to being disabled and I recently got married. I am 50% disabled, can my spouse get CHAMPVA?

  83. Nathaniel Hunlen says:

    I am 20% disabled I am getting ready to have knee replacement in both knees what would my percentage go up to.

    • Retired Air Force says:

      Nathaniel, as long as the disability is related to the knees/joints then you will see an increase in disability to around 60%. Has to be service-connected. How do I know? Happened to me 🙂

  84. bossassy says:

    my husband is a Vietnam vet and he 90% disability i was wondering if i can receive any kind of health insurance through the va

  85. Fiance2Marine says:

    Hi. My fiance is disabled at 20% due to a back injury while serving. He was separated as honorable discharge. He is currently working and on payroll. When his back gave out he missed work for a whole week (5 days) due to bed rest and recovery from the pain. It hurt us both mentally and financially (him physically for sure!)
    How does he increase his percentage? Will his disability be affected if he works over a certain amount of hours? Will his disability be eliminated if he makes over a certain amount of income?
    $263.00 of disability compared to the 5 days of pain and suffering is unrealistic.

    • Erik says:

      I was going through the same issue. If you haven’t already, have your fiance register at the nearest VA hospital. Next, make an appointment with a VA doctor for a checkup. Make sure your fiance updates the doctor on how the condition has worsened. If he has been treated outside the VA for his condition make sure the medical records are transferred to the VA. The big thing is that you document everything and his documentation is updated for the appeal…. However, the best advice I can give you is to make sure your fiance goes to either your nearest VFW or DAV. They will be his advocate and I found that they work very hard in looking out for veterans. They helped me thoughout the whole process and even filled most of the paperwork out for me! I would call them first just in case I’m giving bad advice.

  86. Michael says:

    does anyone know about a tax credit, i got an increase in my rating and i found some info saying i get a tax break or credit for that year only with my increase. very confused.
    Special Tax Considerations for Veterans
    Disabled veterans may be eligible to claim a federal tax refund based on:
    · an increase in the veteran’s percentage of disability from the Department of Veterans Affairs (which may include a retroactive determination) or
    · the combat-disabled veteran applying for, and being granted, Combat-Related Special Compensation, after an award for Concurrent Retirement and Disability.
    To do so, the disabled veteran will need to file the amended return, Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, to correct a previously filed Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ. An amended return cannot be e-filed. It must be filed as a paper return. Disabled veterans should include all documents from the Department of Veterans Affairs and any information received from Defense Finance and Accounting Services explaining proper tax treatment for the current year.
    Please note: It is only in the year of the Department of Veterans Affairs reassessment of disability percentage (including any impacted retroactive year) or the year that the CRSC is initially granted or adjusted that the veteran may need to file amended returns.

  87. Sonny says:

    I was today rated as unemployable and I am already rated at 100%. Is there any increase in compensation for having both 100% and uneployable?

    • Thaddeus says:

      No, but be careful. Because you are also considered unemployable the VA could stop your benefits if you are working. You might want to check with the DAV or VFW to make sure. But I know for a fact you can’t be paid double.

  88. Jamie says:

    I recently recieved a letter from the VA asking me to update my dependents. I had no idea this could be done or that disability payments factored in dependents. I have had a daughter since I was originally awarded disability. If the VA is so behind on claims and updating veterans dependents status’ why are they sending out letter asking veterans to update their dependents?

  89. Becky says:

    My son was born out of wed lock to a veteran and he took off after signing the birth certificate he owes child support to his other children and is in wage garsnishment. Because of that I cannot file or receive any child support untill that is paid off . does my son get any benifits from the va since his father collects disability from the va? Maybe I can go that route but I have no clue where to even begin or who to talk to

  90. Donna says:

    My exhusband is 100% disabled. Should his children receive a check?

    • King Timothy Calhoun says:

      The custodial parent (your ex who has the kids living with him or her) may ask the VA to send part of your Veteran’s Benefits to him or her for child support. The custodial parent has to make a special request to the VA for an “apportionment.” This means that some of the money that goes directly to you would be taken out of your benefits and sent directly to the custodial parent for child support.

  91. Donna says:

    How is it that someone can be 100% disabled (Medically retired) and still own a business and work everyday?

  92. lRenee says:

    I have a child who father is in the military but my husband to is retire w 80% ans working towards 100%. Would my duaghter be able to go to school off of his disability

    • Jimmy Candelaria says:

      Yes, one can claim step children on their claims even if fathere is still living and on active duty. When her father retires he can claim her as well.

  93. shonda says:

    Hello I have applied for Va on December 2013 after returning from overseas for 9 years. My claim was accepted 2013 Jan I just received 40% disability after 13 months I did not get a letter and have not received on to this day of March 4 2015 to appeal. I have called several times my letter has not been published and I am still waiting. I have an appt this month for another claim for the gulf war. I have two questions will I received backpay for the 13 months they have given me a va waiver out of my retirement for the 40%. Do you think I will receive backpay? Do the percentage I get from gulf war be added to my 40%?
    Thank you

  94. 71tanker105 says:

    I am a 100% P/T Medically retired OIF/ GW veteran and am engaged to be married this summer. My fiance is previously married and her 15 yr old daughter has Angelmans. Its a severe form of autism. We were told at our annual MOPH dinner that the VA may help with aid and attendance for my fiances daughter. Ive never heard of this form of assistance. Its confusing when I looked it up because there is hardly no mention of disabled children/ step children of disabled veterans. I also have a TBI which complicates reading forms etc. Can any of you help with this please?

  95. 71tanker105 says:

    In Michigan children of 100% PT can receive financial aid for college under DEA. I’m not sure if that covers step children.

  96. phil pinchin says:

    I served in viet feb 67 to feb 68 I filed a claim for ptsd 3 yrs ago in may of this year. I have an attorney(legal help for vets) every I call they tell me they are waiting for the va. they say it is in for final approval. is there anything I can do,call the va or what. phil pinchin.

  97. nanee says:

    I am 10% disable veteran. I have two children. Will my benefit go up because of my dependents? Please advice. It seems that my medical problem has gotten worst since I was pregnant with both

  98. Erik says:

    Hello, I separated from the USN in California. I have a 50% disability rating. Am I correct in assuming that my children can go to a state school for free? Also, where can I go to find out all my benefits? Thank you!

    • Thaddeus says:

      It all the depends on your home state. Google VA benefits by state and that could help you.

  99. andrew says:

    Hey my name is Andrew and I get 50% for ptsd and its not enough to raise one child a month. can I still work. im new to this

    • Thaddeus says:

      Yes you can still work as long as you dont have an IU rating. Just call the 800# and they could help you.

  100. Thaddeus says:

    They usually back pay to the time your app was submitted.

  101. Andy says:

    Hi I’m currently being seen for chronic PTSD (I’m active duty and have served for 8 years), I’m not sure if/when I will be med-boarded but I am a little nervous because I have kids and a wife to support and I don’t think that the VA benefits will be able to support us enough if I’m unable to find another job due to the illness. I’m not the free ride type of person and I feel horrible even seeking help for PTSD (I have been denying it for a while but my Wife/Chief/doctor insisted). Can you give me any insight as far as what medical options for my family are available? I joined the military right out of high school so the civilian life will be new to us. Thanks in advance

  102. Ann Wilson says:

    I am a retired army reservist and had a mild heart attack and had five stents put in my heart and I also have autoimmune hepatitis which was all diagnosed when I was in them military and on AD and weekend duty with the reserves. I have filed a claim with the VA and wondering what my percentage may be if someone might have an idea.

  103. Jacqueline M Norris says:

    I was told although I qualify for VA Disability pay, that I may be able to qualify for USMC disability pay. Does anyone have information about this?

  104. tony says:

    Can you change your pay status if you get married/have children after your original price

    • Jimmy Candelaria says:

      Yes you can. But you should do it as soon as possible. Va only pay from filing date, not married date.

  105. tony says:

    When I filed my claim I was single does that change after marriage/children??

  106. Ranger 1993 says:

    Does anyone know if this is even possible? In 1997 (EST 11/28/1997) I was given a 20% Disability Rating while on Active Duty. I was given severance pay and told to file with the VA. I did file with the VA and was award 60%. Some years later I learned that the DOA had made errors in rating soldiers who went before the medical board, so they reevaluated those from 1998-2002 or 2004 I believe. I have been awarded 100% by the VA for a few years now.
    Can I make an appeal for the Army to reevaluate my service medical records to see if there was an error?
    I personally feel that I should have been retired from the Army. Being run over by 2 trucks- it fractured my pelvis in 8 pieces, fractured right femur, right knee, right ankle, lower back, cracked ribs, bleed out, pronounced “dead on arrival” came back. Other injuries were discovered later after departing the service.

  107. Carl O Akers says:

    I am a disabled veteran of the Vietnam Era War Time. 72 – 82. I have a 10% rating service connection for Tinnitus both ears and, I suffer from Vertigo and have fallen many times down stairs and level ground. I have been rated by the VA as Housebound and 160% Non-Service Disabled. Non-service connection for Diabetes Mellitus, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, Hypothyroidism, etc.. I have not done any work in the last 26 years. Yes, I am on SSDI, too. I wanted to apply for IU from the VA but, the VA says no because, I a 100% Disabled from Non-service conditions and only 10% from Service connection. How can someone like me whom can never work again get IU from the VA. As we speak the BVA is considering my Non- Service Connection to be service connection but, I have been waiting now for over 25 years for them to make up their minds in Washington DC. What else can I do to help myself out ? I have a totally disabled helpless child at home, too.

  108. Lola says:

    So I am currently at a 100 % since 08 I got married in 2010 and divorced around 2012 and I forgot to claims my husband at the time. Do I get back paid for that time or no?

    • Jimmy Candelaria says:

      No you get no back pay. But if he was on your claims, you should have removed him or the va will take all of it back.

  109. Sal says:

    My husband is retired from the Navy with 60% disability for which he receives a pension and a disability amount. We have 1 son who is in 6th grade. Will he be able to go to college for free?

    • Jimmy Candelaria says:

      It depends on the state. Each one has its own regulation. Like California will give 100% free school for any percent of disability some states it’s 90.

  110. John K says:

    Im a 20% disabled vet with bad credit and was wondering if there are any personal loans I could get if I sign my check over to them until its paid off….Anyone know of any programs, through the VA or otherwise, that I could check out? Id appreciate any help

  111. Teddy Gustke says:

    5 years ago I was rated at 10% for knee pain and now I am being told that I have complex regional pain syndrome and they are the same symptoms all along just getting to the point that I am unemployable and stated by the VA doctor that this is what I have been dealing with all along am I entitled to back pay seeing how it carries a higher rating then just knee pain?

  112. Tiffani malloy says:

    We never married but we have one child that is 15 and never received anything but his ss and child support and he has 5other children that gets a veteran check so what can I do to get my son his money

  113. JOSE F SOTO says:

    I am at 70% at this time and I file another claim for IBS, Tinninitus and sinusitis. I was diagnose with all three while in active duty and turn in my medical records. If is service connected will I get back pay back to 1998 when I was medically discharge?

    • Jimmy Candelaria says:

      Jose you only get back pay from the date you put your claim in. That is the only time with any claim, in which the clock starts.

  114. Jimmy Candelaria says:

    You only get back pay from the date you put them in your claim.

  115. Jimmy Candelaria says:

    Yes as long as he was honorably discharged

  116. Jimmy Candelaria says:

    They should not need it. They are trying to put the child on his va claim, just to get more money. It’s not a mandatory thing.

  117. John says:

    I am 20% disabled and my daughter is in nursing school in Texas just finished 1st year…I have a son who will be a senior this year in High school….. My daughter was told that their is no help for her because I am only 20% is this true? I hope not.

  118. joseph says:

    Ok im a 90% veteran. Im reading these mmessages and see you said that i should be getting over 2900.00 im only getting 1724.00 month what im i doing in California. ..

  119. HI MIchelle,
    I’d check with the VA on this. Here’s a link to eBenefits:

  120. Lesia says:

    Hi Shavon, that is a good question about the 5 years. I was really curious about that as well, because I am hearing a lot of people say that is happening to them. I think the Veterans need to get a petition going about that 5 year stuff.

  121. michael wilkinson says:

    i was given 10% disability. since that time, many of the desert storm syndrome problems have surfaced. who do i contact for a new assesment?

  122. Cory Fennig says:

    As long as you were active and maintained Indiana residency for at least 36 months. Your dependents qualify for in state tuition fees paid.

  123. Nina s says:

    Hello guys can someone help me understand my benifits, my combine service connected evaluation is 90% and i get pay at 100%. Can i work and do i have this pay for the rest of my life ???

  124. Brina Silva says:

    I live in Mass with a 70% service connected disability now I will be moving to Florida will any thing change in my benefits?

    • Hi Brina,
      That would be a question for the VA. I’d suggest reaching out to them or checking on the eBenefits portal for updates to your benefits.

  125. cody says:

    does the VA issue 80 or 90% ratings for PTSD?

  126. Paul Taylor says:

    If I have 100% military disability, do I still have to pay 30% of my retirement for spousal deductions ever month?

  127. JenB says:

    Check out your local DAV organization. They might be able to help.

  128. Allen says:

    If u ever had a foreclosure on a VA Loan, will you still be eligible or qualify for another loan?

    • Chris Birk says:

      @allen: Thanks for writing. Generally, yes, this is absolutely possible. It will depend in part on whether you have VA loan entitlement remaining, which you likely would unless you defaulted on a really big loan. You can talk with a Veterans United loan specialist in more detail at 855-544-8023.