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8 Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts for a Care Package

Military spouses and families are constantly trying to send a little piece of home to their service member while they’re apart. Valentine's Day is an opportunity to show your love and send a piece of home by making homemade or personalized care packages.

Here are eight crafty-yet-simple ideas to get you started:

Picture Pillowcase

Grab a comfy pillowcase and some photo transfer paper to create a personalized sleep aid. By sending the case over in a Ziploc bag sprayed with perfume, your service member can get a scent of home along with the visual. Also, if you’re worried about bedding rules, try ironing pictures on the inside of the pillowcase.

Handy Handkerchiefs

With a handkerchief, you can iron on photos or paint on designs that your service member can carry around. You may want to leave a handprint or another meaningful image.

These are wonderful because service members do not have to worry about a picture getting wet or a little dirty, they can wash their handkerchief. They also are small enough that soldiers can carry them with them at all times.

Love Lists

A simple list of all the reasons you love your spouse can be a great way to remind your spouse how much he or she means. You can also send a smiley photo of yourself with a list of ways your spouse makes you smile.

A variation of a love list that is very popular is taking a deck of cards and putting one reason on each card. This will give your soldier 52 reasons why you love them; one for each week in a year.

Love CD

Take it old school and make a mixed CD of your and your partner’s favorite songs. You can make a theme of all love songs or songs that spur special memories. If you’re feeling bold, you can record yourself singing.

Personalized Mug

Find a place that can transfer images to coffee cups or insulated thermoses to put a favorite picture of you and your spouse. You may even be able to add a personalized message or quote. In addition to the cup, you can make homemade hot cocoa mix to warm their heart in more than one way.

Romance Story

Showcase your inner author and make your own romance “novel.” You can purchase pre-bound books with blank pages or learn to bind your own, there are even books that give you prompts for your love story. You can also order a photo book online filled with your favorite memories and add your own story lines.


If you’re feeling ambitious, go beyond a “Why I Love You” list and create a journal. You can list a reason and go more in depth on a particular memory.

You can also spice it up a bit by making it a “naughty and nice” journal. One side of it can be nice messages, but when you flip it over, well, you get the idea.

Baked Goodies

Bust out the heart-shaped cookie cutters and decorative icing and have yourself a time making your honey some goodies. Try cookies, rice crispy treats or if you’re feeling bold, make a cake or pie. If you’re not the cooking type, order up some personalized pink, red and white M&Ms. They may not melt in your hand, but they’ll melt your spouse’s heart.

What is your homemade specialty? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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