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Care Packages: Send Your Soldier a Bit of Autumn

Since the best care packages are usually planned in advance and shipped with plenty of time to spare, now might might be a good time to talk about autumn-themed care packages.

There are 3 good themes that run through the autumn season that are just right for care package ideas. Now's the time to start picking things up so you are not rushing at the last minute or spending too much all at once.

Are you ready for some football?

Football season is a sure sign that the leaves are about to fall! This year's NFL season starts on September 5. Now is a good time to get a great care package put together for your favorite fan.

Ideas for a football season care package:

  • His favorite team jersey
  • Other team memorabilia (posters, pennants, mugs, etc.)
  • a football
  • Sports Illustrated or his other favorite sports magazine
  • his favorite football snack (chips, jerky, nuts, etc.)
  • Football schedule
  • DVD recordings of games as the season progresses

Spooky, Fun and Delicious

You will want to get the things for this box as soon as the spooky candy hits the aisle. Autumn begins a busy shipping time, so give these packages a few extra days when you ship. Ideas for a Halloween care package:

  • Candy Corn
  • Suckers with a white tissue secured around them (ghost pops!)
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Spooky Decorations
  • Hot Apple Cider Packets
  • A Book of Ghost Stories
  • Easy S'mores (Don't send chocolate since it's still hot this time of year. Instead, send graham crackers, marshmallows and Nutella.)
  • DVDs of their favorite scary movie

Thankful Thursday

Thanksgiving is a tough time of year to be away from your service member. It has been a long time since our family has been complete around the table for this special holiday. It's hard to send a turkey overseas, but you can send a few items that will make him smile.

Ideas for a Thanksgiving care package:

  • Pumpkin bread or cookies
  • Spiced cider packets
  • Hot cocoa packets
  • Turkey jerky
  • Thanksgiving decorations
  • Thanksgiving art work from the kids (don't forget the turkey made from a handprint!)
  • Autumn scented candle or room deodorizing spray
  • Dried fruit
  • A special holiday card with small handwritten notes from friends and family on it stating what they are thankful for and a special note of thanks to your service member.

The most important thing is to think about your service member and what he or she will be most excited to receive. You know what he likes. You know what she doesn't like. Keep their preferences in mind while you shop. Also have fun with it! Stuff the boxes with black and orange tissue paper for the Halloween box. Put plastic leaves in the Thanksgiving box. Make it fun and a create a special way to reach out to your deployed loved one.

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