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5 Signs That You're a Good Real Estate Agent

If you’re taking the time to read this post, you’re probably a good real estate agent. You’re probably passionate about your field, your reputation, and your performance. You care about your clients, and want to serve their needs with dignity.

And we commend you. Here are five other signs that you’re a good real estate agent.

1. You listen.

Just because you’re not talking doesn’t mean you’re listening.

Good listening is a two-part process. First, gather the right information. Do you understand the motives behind a seller’s move? Do you know how many children your buyer has (and consequently, how many bedrooms are needed)?

Second, put that information to good use. Keep a buyer’s needs at the forefront when combing through inventory. Remember the seller’s point of view when presenting offers. Example: “I know that you’re looking for a $250,000 sale price so that you can pay off your mortgage. Here’s what we have.”

Clients love being heard. When you remind your clients that you remember their unique situation, they’ll remember you.

2. You stay informed.

Any field is dominated by those who stay informed. Real estate is no exception. The best agents are familiar with every property, every sale, and every market trend.

Finding yourself uninterested in sales data? Are you able to go more than two days without checking your local MLS? You may not have the passion necessary to succeed in real estate. And that’s okay. Find what you love, and pursue it wholeheartedly.

3. You keep in constant contact.

“No news is good news.” That rule does NOT apply to real estate.

There are exceptions, but most clients want constant updates. Sellers want to know every comment made at an open house. Buyers want to know every tidbit gathered from a conversation with a seller’s agent.

Give your clients what they crave: information.

4. You’re not afraid to try something new.

To succeed in any field, you need a competitive advantage. Maybe that competitive advantage is your experience. Maybe it’s your personal skills.

Or maybe you’re the only agent making use of a new technology or skill. Don’t be hesitant to learn a new skill, try out a new social media platform, or embrace a new technological device. One (or all) of these techniques could give you the competitive advantage you’ve been seeking.

5. You’re aware of financing issues.

Mortgage complications can ruin a potential sale. And while they play a limited role in the mortgage process, real estate agents must be aware of lending guidelines.

The best agents understand that VA loans can’t be used on fixer-uppers, and that conventional loans may be unavailable to those with substandard credit. Awareness of these issues saves time and heartache (for both agents and clients).

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