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Tips From Top Agents: Demystifying the VA Appraisal Process

This month we are taking a slightly different approach to our Tips From Top Agents series. Instead of featuring one Top Agent, we are featuring four. Wendy and I will be joined by Duan Rockette, Bobby Archuleta, Samantha McDaniel and Marion Anglin.

You can also watch the full hangout here.

Duan is a Marine who has served for 22 years on active duty and retired in 2007. He started his real estate career immediately after retiring from the Marine Corps in 2007. He currently works for Prudential Select Properties in St. Louis, Missouri and specializes in representing military members with their home buying and selling process.

Bobby Archuleta joins us from Pacific Lifestyles Realty in Murieta, CA, bringing with him 18+ years in the real estate industry and over 610 closed transactions and a background in mortgage financing.

Samantha McDaniel joins us from Blue Springs, MO. Samantha has been in the mortgage industry since 2000, starting her career as a loan officer and obtaining her real estate license in 2011. She specializes in VA sales and working with active military and veterans.

Marion is a real estate agent in Haymarket, Virginia with Allison James Estates and Homes. She currently has a son in the Air Force and enjoys helping relocating military buyers.

Instead of the typical Tips From Top Agents post this month, here's a blog post roundup of full of VA appraisal tips.

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You can watch the hangout here live on May 8, 2014 at 1PM ET or any time thereafter.

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