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Surviving Spouses, Children and VA Loans

While children of veterans are not eligible for a VA loan, surviving spouses may be eligible if they fall into one of the VA’s three basic areas of consideration.

military spouses holding hands
military spouses holding hands

When it comes to VA home loan eligibility, most rules and requirements revolve around service. . The only way borrowers and VA lenders can be sure about eligibility is by obtaining the Veteran's Certificate of Eligibility (COE). As we've talked about before, this doesn't need to be your first step, and obtaining the COE is something most lenders can request on behalf of the borrower.

But the COE becomes especially critical for military spouses looking to take advantage of VA financing.

Spouse Eligibility

There are three basic areas of consideration for military spouses looking to utilize the guaranty program:

  • Unremarried spouses of Veterans who died while in service or from a service-connected disability
  • Spouses of service members who are missing in action (MIA) or prisoners of war (POW)
  • Spouses who with their veteran purchased a home with a VA loan are eligible to refinance using the VA Streamline program

If you're a surviving spouse of a Veteran and want to learn more about the VA loan process, we have a guide to surviving spouses and VA loans here.

VA Home Loan Payment Calculator

Spouses who remarry after their significant other's death may still be eligible for a loan, provided they did so on or after turning 57 and on or after Dec. 16, 2003. It's important to pay close attention to the wording here. Today, the VA only grants eligibility to spouses whose Veterans have some manner of service-connected death, either in active service or from a disability obtained while serving.

In 2011, the U.S. House passed a bill that would extend eligibility to surviving spouses of Veterans who suffered any permanent disability, regardless of whether it was connected to military service.

This legislation opens the door to homeownership for thousands more military spouses every year.

Can the Child of a Veteran Get a VA Loan?

No, VA home loan benefits don't extend to the children of Veterans. Prospective buyers can check with their state or county housing officials to see if any localized programs provide benefits to children of deceased Veterans.

What Benefits are Available to Children of Veterans?

Dependents of Veterans may qualify for certain benefits, like healthcare, life insurance and financial aid for education. There are a variety of survivor and dependent benefits available through the VA.

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