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Veterans United Reviews

Veterans and military families are through the roof about their experiences with Veterans United — find out why!

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5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

U can tell the good from the bad. U can tell the truth from the untruth. Katie Rose and her team make u feel nothing but love.

headshot image of Katie Rose

Loan Officer: Katie Rose

NMLS# 860643

4.5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Ian Reed

Loan Officer: Ian Reed

NMLS# 1289062

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Jon Abernathy

Loan Officer: Jon Abernathy

NMLS# 49695

4.5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Brian Flanigan

Loan Officer: Brian Flanigan

NMLS# 1068745

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

We are extremely grateful for the respect and helpfulness we had from the whole V/A team! Thank you for everything and we would recommend you too anyone !

headshot image of Nick Laws

Loan Officer: Nick Laws

NMLS# 1500974

2 out of 5 Stars

At first everything was smooth, then there was a 2 week gap of 0 communication.. couldn’t reach anyone on my loan team. Didn’t lock in rate, was a complete hassle.

headshot image of Maureen McDermott

Loan Officer: Maureen McDermott

NMLS# 1213854

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

The team at Veterans United made the whole process of buying my home go very smoothly. From getting pre approved, to finding my perfect home to closing early, They were all there to answer my questions, help me find insurance and even help with getting utilities turned on. Thank you again

headshot image of Levi Hoyes

Loan Officer: Levi Hoyes

NMLS# 1884805

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

If you are considering, thinking, contemplating buying a home as a veteran, look no further! I couldn't have been better taken care of then the home buying process through Veteran’s United, the team and services offered are unmatched and I felt supported, valued and respected every step of the way! I would highly recommend VU to all my friends and family, even strangers, based solely on how amazing my experience was throughout the entire process.

headshot image of Kelsey Allen

Loan Officer: Kelsey Allen

NMLS# 1947880

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Ryan Cannon

Loan Officer: Ryan Cannon

NMLS# 987691

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Ross McClanahan

Loan Officer: Ross McClanahan

NMLS# 1772094

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Everyone involved made the process extremely easy. Very appreciative for the team I worked with

headshot image of Jason Bals

Loan Officer: Jason Bals

NMLS# 1599125

5 out of 5 Stars
Chris B. is Through the Roof!

This was my third time with Veterans United and it was great yet again. They don't leave you in the dark on anything!

headshot image of Joe Peterson

Loan Officer: Joe Peterson

NMLS# 1275877

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5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Thanks to Veterans United and their team for everything. We sincerely appreciate everyone involved and will recommend to others in the future.

headshot image of Suzie Naeger

Loan Officer: Suzie Naeger

NMLS# 1997209

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Tim Tallis

Loan Officer: Tim Tallis

NMLS# 339303

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Sean Dobkins

Loan Officer: Sean Dobkins

NMLS# 1722912

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

I am very happy I went with veterans United! And even happier Jason represented me. Everything went very smooth, and I learned a lot in the process! I would highly recommend them to anyone who wanted a flawless experience!!!!!

headshot image of Jason Brandau

Loan Officer: Jason Brandau

NMLS# 1999585

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Rachel Bruce

Loan Officer: Rachel Bruce

NMLS# 951471

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Zach Nelson

Loan Officer: Zach Nelson

NMLS# 1599016

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

My Veterans United team was amazing! I've always felt that home buying would be stressful and frantic, but my team and the app made it all easy and effortless. The To-Do lists were easy to follow and complete, there were extra informative links and videos, and my team gave me weekly updates to keep me at ease while underwriting was doing their thing. In addition, there were a few very thoughtful gifts that made me once again feel that surge of pride that only serving our country can provide. I recommend all veterans use the full range of Veterans United services.

headshot image of Benjamin Pritchard

Loan Officer: Benjamin Pritchard

NMLS# 2266974

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Pretty easy and painless. I very much appreciated the " eSign" feature. That was wonderful.

headshot image of Zachary Gregory

Loan Officer: Zachary Gregory

NMLS# 2357068

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

I had tried to refinance my home through the mortgage company that I had and it was one hurdle after another. They even had me write a detailed letter about why I did certain things the way that I did them. Which ended up being extremely personal and then they still denied me. I was, let's go with upset, and then one of my friends suggested Veterans United and so I reached out and got Ms. Charlotte and Ms. Kris and the rest is history. Not only did they help/stay with me with every question, worry, and paranoid moment, they went above and beyond to reassure me and help get me across the finish line. I have no idea what it was like for them behind the scenes, and that's a good thing, they made it happen and I will forever be grateful and I will be back to ask for them next time. Thank you both and everyone else that I didn't see behind the curtain.Brian Tate ...

headshot image of Charlotte McClellan

Loan Officer: Charlotte McClellan

NMLS# 39691

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Brant Batson

Loan Officer: Brant Batson

NMLS# 2069966

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Very fast and efficient team kept me informed the hole way made me feel very comfortable and confident that I was in the right hands could not ask for a better team everyone went above and beyond for my family and now I'm in a home I love thank you for treating me and my family like family.

headshot image of Katy Reeder

Loan Officer: Katy Reeder

NMLS# 1246356

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5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Nate Bohon

Loan Officer: Nate Bohon

NMLS# 1136526

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

This whole process seemed like a lot at first but veterans united and their team were there the whole way and made it easy to buy my first house!

headshot image of Gus Branda

Loan Officer: Gus Branda

NMLS# 1230865

4.5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Seth Wilmes

Loan Officer: Seth Wilmes

NMLS# 1632136

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

The team I worked with was fast, efficient, and professional. They took what was initially an intimidating and daunting process, and made it, not only manageable, but simple. Each team member knew their job and executed flawlessly. 10 out of 10 down the line, and I would absolutely recommend Veterans United to all my friends. Thanks for helping me get my family into our dream home!

headshot image of Will Lewis

Loan Officer: Will Lewis

NMLS# 187652

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Kevin Webster

Loan Officer: Kevin Webster

NMLS# 996824

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of William Reschke

Loan Officer: William Reschke

NMLS# 2042066

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Brett Metcalf

Loan Officer: Brett Metcalf

NMLS# 2351958

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

There are many people on the Veterans United team, unfortunately I am terrible with names and I apologize. Amongst Ryan, Brendan, Phoebe, and everyone Involved in the process, I appreciate your continued professionalism and work making the process clean and quick. I wish the team nothing but the absolute best in their professional and personal endeavors. All the best.

headshot image of Ryan Hauser

Loan Officer: Ryan Hauser

NMLS# 2064438

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