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Veterans and military families are through the roof about their experiences with Veterans United — find out why!


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5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Veterans United cares. The day I placed a phone call and talked to a representative, I was impressed in how they really care. I thought homeownership in today's housing market was almost impossible . They put a team together that was unbelievable. No worries, no question is a dumb question, no frustration. Veterans United does what it stands for, "Taking care of its Veterans".

headshot image of Katy Reeder

Loan Officer: Katy Reeder

NMLS# 1246356

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Wes Dyer

Loan Officer: Wes Dyer

NMLS# 1945043

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

I have been living in a Winnebago since 2018 when my now ex-husband accepted a job at a dairy in Crescent City, California, and we were living on the property in said Winnebago. My ex and I decided to divorce in December 2020, just before the pandemic hit. He left me the Winnebago in the divorce settlement and I continued to live on the dairy property until I received a postcard from Veterans United in my PO box reminding me that I was eligible for a VA loan in September 2022. From the time of the divorce I was looking for a home in Crescent City, but home prices keep going up and up. After I received the postcard from Veterans United, I called them and got the process started. I was reassured by speaking with Austin and Valentina Fry was assigned as my Realtor. Crescent City California is a tough market, finding a home within one's price range that will meet VA standards, but Valentina did it. Within hours of coming on the market, Valentina notified me and the next day we looked at it, I consulted with Austin, and I made an offer, which was fortunetly, accepted. It took 3 months to close as it was a probate sale, but just an hour ago, Valentina presented me with the keys to my new home! I will always recommend Veterans United, Austin and his team and Valentina Fry!

headshot image of Austin Francis

Loan Officer: Austin Francis

NMLS# 1926637

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Shane Lowe

Loan Officer: Shane Lowe

NMLS# 1123167

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Excellent and wonderful people who definitely make you feel like number one!

headshot image of Mike Mange

Loan Officer: Mike Mange

NMLS# 177094

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Neil has always been straight up with me and on point...
It was always a pleasure to talk with him. He informed me promptly with all the new steps and paperworks.

headshot image of Neil Hansen

Loan Officer: Neil Hansen

NMLS# 1766788

4.5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Reece Bader

Loan Officer: Reece Bader

NMLS# 1925945

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Ms Carly made the team a triple threat and made finishing the home buying process a breeze!! Our heartfelt thanks to this amazing team for assisting in our forever home!

headshot image of Joshua Grove

Loan Officer: Joshua Grove

NMLS# 1783478

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Carma Bittle

Loan Officer: Carma Bittle

NMLS# 1366915

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Veterans United is outstanding

headshot image of Douglas Lippmann

Loan Officer: Douglas Lippmann

NMLS# 310771

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Brandon Erwin

Loan Officer: Brandon Erwin

NMLS# 2070329

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

I am just so thankful I contacted Veterans United. I couldn't imagine any vet buying home not using them. I definitely found my dream home with they're help!

headshot image of Joyce Kulakowski

Loan Officer: Joyce Kulakowski

NMLS# 833698

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Caitlin Finnegan

Loan Officer: Caitlin Finnegan

NMLS# 2019795

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Nichole Barber

Loan Officer: Nichole Barber

NMLS# 1275878

4 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Michael Pitts

Loan Officer: Michael Pitts

NMLS# 583598

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Veterans United was absolutely amazing. Quick, easy and unforgettable. I HIGHLY recommend going through them to anyone trying to purchase a home. And I definitely plan on going through them again for my next home.

headshot image of Mike Lyman

Loan Officer: Mike Lyman

NMLS# 1312488

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Appreciate All the patience.

headshot image of Jack Young

Loan Officer: Jack Young

NMLS# 2133555

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Alberto Barba

Loan Officer: Alberto Barba

NMLS# 47902

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

My loan officer was exceptional 10/10

headshot image of Michelle Westbrook

Loan Officer: Michelle Westbrook

NMLS# 1973185

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

This was my first time buying a home and i was extremely nervous, but Veterans United took great care of me. They stay in contact with me and assisted me in every step of the way. I WAS NEVER ALONE. Huge shoutout to my entire team for the amazing work they did and now I can officially say I am a proud homeowner.

headshot image of Zachary Debord

Loan Officer: Zachary Debord

NMLS# 192560

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Best team that got got to work with!

headshot image of Brent Schultz

Loan Officer: Brent Schultz

NMLS# 868587

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Ty Reece

Loan Officer: Ty Reece

NMLS# 1698020

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5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

The whole team was extremely proactive and responsive during the whole process. Very excited and glad to have used Veterans United!

headshot image of Nicholas Staudenmyer

Loan Officer: Nicholas Staudenmyer

NMLS# 844107

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

This was a very great experience that was made easy from Dustin and his team. Definitely will recommend to friends and family

headshot image of Dustin Johnson

Loan Officer: Dustin Johnson

NMLS# 1927297

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Genuinely a good business, I would highly recommend. I will definitely recommend this team too to my family, which they will need these services in the future so I know they’ll be taken care of.

headshot image of Tyler Galloway

Loan Officer: Tyler Galloway

NMLS# 1420483

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

The process from start to finish was amazing. The people assigned in their roles worked well together. It felt like I had a team watching out for my best interests at all times.

headshot image of Greg Wiele

Loan Officer: Greg Wiele

NMLS# 1374334

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

I would give them 100/100 they were the best team to ever work with. Everyone was so helpful and so friendly. I would work with them again.

headshot image of Wendy Pulliam

Loan Officer: Wendy Pulliam

NMLS# 1200036

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Moya Brown

Loan Officer: Moya Brown

NMLS# 1493916

4 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Buying house is stressful, more so as a disabled veteran. However, the team at UVA provided consciousness service, effectively reducing my stress. Thank you

headshot image of Lindsey James

Loan Officer: Lindsey James

NMLS# 1374324

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Well, I don’t know where to begin… the thought of buying a home for my wife and I was always something at the back of our mind. I was hesitant at first because when I was doing my initial quote last year (I believe), I was afraid of commitment to something I was sure I could not get out of. My fears were unjustified. Get prequalified was not as daunting as I thought it would be. And our loan officer, Destiney, was so thoughtful and very helpful in getting us the best deal we could afford, even with our finances. She gave us the confidence of buying our first. Her team was always willing to help and make a veteran feel like a veteran, even though are some who deserve even more than I do. They truly helped every step of the way… addressed any questions or concerns we had. And were always reassuring of everything. But it is crucial when buying a home to always stay in the guidelines they set. It is important! But they got us into a lovely home and were always diligent and ready to do whatever it was that was necessary to get us the keys! I cannot thank the team enough for their hard work! Even though it was stressful, it was our own making. Because the team was with us every step of the way… don’t be afraid to buy a home… it is the best debt you can possibly have! And Veterans United made it all possible and by the Grace of God working through them! Thank you all so much!

headshot image of Destiney Crossno

Loan Officer: Destiney Crossno

NMLS# 2379613

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