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Veterans United Reviews

Veterans and military families are through the roof about their experiences with Veterans United — find out why!

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5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Kayla McCollum was my loan officer throughout the entire process, I am not sure who Scott is so please make sure she gets a 10 (outstanding) rating as well. Kayla and her team did an amazing job for me and my wife. They were with us every step of the way. Especially Madison Miskov. She was on the ball every step of the way. Anytime I had questions or concerns Madison was there with answers. It was an absolute dream working with this loan team. They made the entire process feel effortless. Thank you guys so much for everything!

headshot image of Kayla Thoenen

Loan Officer: Kayla Thoenen

NMLS# 1548073

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Couldn’t be more satisfied with the assistance Kyle provided us. He was extremely thorough and explained things in great detail. He was always available and responsive to any questions or concerns we might have throughout the process. I would absolutely recommend him to friends and family.

headshot image of Kyle Upshaw

Loan Officer: Kyle Upshaw

NMLS# 2005288

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Phil Smyser

Loan Officer: Phil Smyser

NMLS# 1969021

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Tyler Van Riessen

Loan Officer: Tyler Van Riessen

NMLS# 2101423

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

We appreciate Kyle. He stuck by us when KBHS was really misleading us, he pointed us in the right direction and provided us with real information.

headshot image of Kyle Rutkoski

Senior Loan Officer: Kyle Rutkoski

NMLS# 1450360

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Blake Weisenfelder

Loan Officer: Blake Weisenfelder

NMLS# 280448

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Mitchell Huebner

Loan Officer: Mitchell Huebner

NMLS# 2064460

4.5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Adam Canote

Loan Officer: Adam Canote

NMLS# 1464121

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Jason Bals

Loan Officer: Jason Bals

NMLS# 1599125

4 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Tyson Brockmeier

Loan Officer: Tyson Brockmeier

NMLS# 1278273

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Mason did us a stand up Job as well!

headshot image of Nick Holman

Loan Officer: Nick Holman

NMLS# 1052289

5 out of 5 Stars
Samuel H. is Through the Roof!

Veterans United made it easy and special from preapproval to closing day. Tell Rob Riggle I'm ready for my commercial!

headshot image of Danny Freeman

Loan Officer: Danny Freeman

NMLS# 1721091

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5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

From day one, Veterans United was amazing. I have nothing bad to say about this organization or the team that helped get my family into our beautiful new home. My wife and I had our first child at the beginning of our homebuying experience, and the team sent our baby boy gifts. A point we knew we were sticking with them. Whenever we had questions, they were always very responsive. We had a month to close once we knew which home we wanted, and everything was ready with a week to spare. Their customer service is unmatched. There is no doubt I will be using Veterans United if/when we need to find a new home. They are so impressive, and I would recommend them to any and all veterans. Thank you again to Sam Yoo and his team for everything!

headshot image of Samuel Yoo

Loan Officer: Samuel Yoo

NMLS# 149705

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Joseph Choi

Loan Officer: Joseph Choi

NMLS# 34787

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Since purchasing my home others has spoken to me of their experience with Veterans United Home Loans all has spoken of nothing but excellent services. As for y'all got the hook up on what U do best. Watch for my reviews on Facebook along with my 60,000 reviews I have on Google maps under contributions. Thank U all!

headshot image of Lance Nilson

Loan Officer: Lance Nilson

NMLS# 1698422

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

This was an amazing experience working with everyone involved.

headshot image of Mike Giaimo

Loan Officer: Mike Giaimo

NMLS# 2020184

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

This is now the fourth time we have worked with Veterans United and the experience was, again, amazing! Three houses and one refinance and each time VU is always there to make sure the process is smooth and easy. This time was definitely the most taxing of our home purchases with more than one challenge to overcome. Despite the difficulties, our VU team was always there for us to answer our questions and worked tirelessly to ensure we found our forever home and closed on time (shout out to Mike Wilson and his team!). We would definitely work with VU again (hoping for a refinance in the future, we are not moving again!) and would recommend them to any veteran looking to purchase or refinance a home. Epic experience!

headshot image of Mike Wilson

Loan Officer: Mike Wilson

NMLS# 1530897

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Chace Tuck

Loan Officer: Chace Tuck

NMLS# 1884773

4 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Aaron Foster

Loan Officer: Aaron Foster

NMLS# 298410

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Brian Poterbin

Loan Officer: Brian Poterbin

NMLS# 1100035

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Jennifer Stewart

Branch Manager: Jennifer Stewart

NMLS# 412226

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

I will most definitely use Veterans United again!

headshot image of Clayton Spruce

Loan Officer: Clayton Spruce

NMLS# 1207234

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

We had a dispute at closing that could not be resolved
We eventually signed requested paperwork against our belief and let everyone know
After closing we were notified lender waived paperwork
It was a huge relief that:
1) they “heard and listened “ to what we saying
2) continued to work on item after we closed
3) valued our input and concerns
We were not the easiest clients, we questioned everything, we had not had a mortgage in over 40 years. This was a huge decision for us.
We were extremely upset with broker who was originally shown as “ contact” person
She was age discriminatory when we first met.
Although we had pre approval she asked me 3 times and my husband once why at our age we wanted such a big house
I finally told her we knew the size of the home when we contacted her,.
Multiple times I asked to sign broker agreement and was told she didn’t have one available
I would not discuss our offer or financials with out a confidentially agreement other than to show her we were pre-approved
Then we told her she was officially fired we would not do business with her ( we never signed any agreements)
The broker recommended by lender figured it out quickly :
1) we could afford it
2) we wanted it
End of story
So closed 11/10/22
Love our new home
Very happy

headshot image of Eric Hermann

Loan Officer: Eric Hermann

NMLS# 128481

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3.5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Allie Leiva

Loan Officer: Allie Leiva

NMLS# 1558421

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Daniel Kliethermes

Loan Officer: Daniel Kliethermes

NMLS# 996807

4 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Cameron Whittaker

Loan Officer: Cameron Whittaker

NMLS# 1652287

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Cooper, Amber and Kayla did a phenomenal job assisting me with the purchase of my new home. Especially with the time crunch I had. They made everything very smooth and simple for the home buying process. Would definitely recommend working with this team.

headshot image of Cooper Allen

Loan Officer: Cooper Allen

NMLS# 170363

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Kevin Karney

Loan Officer: Kevin Karney

NMLS# 2183110

4.5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

Overall the process was pretty smooth. We liked the dashboard with the to do lists as it allows for tracking the completion of requirements.There were a couple of times where it seemed that the team was not fully communicating with each other. For example, the appraiser identified some things that needed to be fixed, but our realtor only received page one of two pages, which caused some last minute scrambling to re-inspect and finish those repairs. Another was employment verification; it was not clear initially what was being requested, and when underwriting finally made clear what was needed it was a few days before closing. Again, loved the process and the team, but I would improve internal team communication to ensure each person knows what needs to be requested from the client.Will recommend and use VU again if offered the chance.Kyle was awesome by the way!

headshot image of Kyle Bakker

Loan Officer: Kyle Bakker

NMLS# 1698016

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend

From beginning to end the process was seamless. Very easy to work with and get in contact when needed. They have perfected the loan process when one has to work from a distance.

headshot image of Douglas Lippmann

Loan Officer: Douglas Lippmann

NMLS# 310771

5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
headshot image of Ben Choi

Loan Officer: Ben Choi

NMLS# 47882

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